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The Event gets FMPU's Approval

We'll keep it short and pretty.  The new show, The Event, was highly touted on tonight's Coast2CoastAM show so I decided to give the pilot a try.  I loved it!  I went on to watch episode 2 as well and I think I may be hooked.  The show, as I see it, is a nice combo of X-Files and Lost (two of my all-time favorite network TV series) with a nice touch of Ira Einhorn's story, the Philadelphia Experiment and many others.  It's sometimes predictable to a fault, but the storyline is trying to not get the same rap Lost faced - confusion.  So answering some of the easier riddles early on is a good thing sometimes which means only one thing - producers are listening to the people.   It might be a little bit of a shifty ploy on Richard C. Hoagland's part to come on the radio and give the show such a push (mind you - at the persistent urging of George Noorey) during tonight's program.  After seeing the first two episodes, it seems almost as if tonight featured a live infomercial segment of C2C OR maybe they were just geeking out like I did.  Whatever the case, it's entertaining and the theme of the show raises a lot of good issues while nodding caps to some of television's great science-fiction material.

Here's a trailer, but you can safely navigate to the show using this LINK:


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Ufolosphere:it needs to get shoved over that ledge now

there is a lot of sad stories in the UFOlosphere.  That is right - I've coined this phrase and I'm going to start the blog in a minutes - ufolosphere © (looks better without any caps anyway).

tonight i'm excited because I had never known the depth of Phil Schneider, a Black Budget engineer and ufologist, that reveals a ton of interesting thoughts.  Underground tunnels, Philadelphia Experiment and of course UFOs are some of the fantastic tales from his expired journey... he was found dead in his apartment in 1996.

Remember -  ufolosphere© is a copyrighted feature of FMPU

Some more background on this interesting man with one helluva story -

From a Youtube video poster  -
Has the United States government been building large scale underground cities for 2012 holocaust survivors? Many believe a cataclysmic event will result in great devastation across the face of the planet. Will survival of the human race depend on the chosen few taking refuge in these subterranean shelters located deep beneath the surface of the Earth? How much of the TRILLIONS of dollars of "bailout" money (some of which the government conveniently tells us us is "lost") is being directed to the black budget for final completion of their construction?

According to former government engineer Phil Schneider, at least 129 of these underground cities have been built over the last 50 to 60 years.

In this video Mr. Schneider describes construction of the deep underground military bases which are located across the United States. He also recounts how he was one of only three people to survive the 1979 shootout between subterranean aliens and U.S. military and intelligence forces at the deep underground military base in Dulce, NM.

This May 1995 lecture is one of only a few given by Mr. Schneider before his untimely death. Openly acknowledging that the dissemination of this information constituted both a breach of his security oaths and a major violation of federal law, he speculated as to how long he might be allowed to continue speaking out in this manner.

The unfortunate answer to his speculation came seven months after the taping of this video. Phil Schneider was found dead in his apartment with piano wire still wrapped around his neck in January of 1996. Some sources report that he had been brutally tortured before being killed
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Magic Acid House: Lords of Acid

By far, this has always been the most intimidating name of a band this examiner has ever witnessed.  It wasn't until today that I decided to give them a shot - started by viewing an interview with Belgian-born Praga Khan, LOA's lead singer, and finished with some crazy video footage.  Mind you, I only knew of this band from their ridiculous album covers that I would notice "accidentally" every time I walked into a record shop.  Next time they are in Cali. I've decided to grab tickets and check it out.
Here's the interview, but if that gets boring forward up to about the 10 or 11 minute mark to see live footage (in good quality!).
Says a lot about the music industry.  These days, I don't know how a teen looking for some acid-house would happen across a LOA album and stare for what seemed to be hours @ luscious landscapes and warped visual aid which unquestionably are a major part of the LOA image. 

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Fight Off Age - Coming Soon

Oh man ... loads of grays in my beard.  That is no alien-talk, code-word Frankenstein mind controlled thought being passed to you readers - I have a lot of fucking grays in my beard!  And there is nothing that's going to stop this madness....

Or is there hope?

A scientist is claiming that within two years, I will be able to take pills he is making and perhaps save the last few brownish hairs I have left.  Actually those details, such as possible reversing effects or other "fountain of youth" related claims serve up are not included in this report.  But it's the thought that counts, right?  Oh and Professor Vladimir Skulachev has a Nobel Prize winner Dr Gunter Blobel to show support for his claims.  But something is confusing if you can't already tell.  Seems Vlade is completely gray.  He looks exactly his age, a number that I won't give away so you can make a guess and research on your own if you care.

Through chemistry, he claims to have synthesized a new, previously unheard of anti-oxidant.  Let us see how far this goes.  Would be interesting if this became the next step in human evolution, if you believe in such a thing.  Getting past the first stage of snake-oil salesman is always the trickiest part.


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Magic 7"

Yeah, this isn't exactly a video, which we don't promise readers any way (so why am I explaining?), but it's a damn fine 7" that was released, I believe, in 2009.


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New UFO Podcast by Michael Horn

Ready to get your Billy Meier on!  The world's expert on Billy's case has an FMPU approved podcast.  Suitable for UFO fans of all ages.  Michael Horn has a mellowing tone about him, and comes at us with some as one of the more practical, pragmatic voices in the wondrous world of UFO phenomenon.

Chillax, and have a listen to the Michael Horn Show!


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Incoming Traffic this Month

Hits are weak these days, but so is my blogging prowess.  I will say, of all my blogs, this one, FMPU, gets the widest range of referring traffic... Here are the leading linkers this month to the site...
Referring Sites
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Tuscan Steps in the Ring

A sighting in Tuscan has the switchboards filled with residents who claim to have seen a flying monkey UFO in the skies over NW and SW portions of the the city. 

It's the return of the the triangle ships.  Many witnesses are claiming to have seen these craft flying over an intersection near Starr Pass.  I did NOT make that up.  READ THE NEWS REPORT (The Tuscan Citizen) this story is going to turn more heads over the next few days, FMPU predicts.
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Neat-o Clouds on Titan

@NASA (The folks who bring you space news)-

This graphic, constructed from data obtained by NASA's Cassini spacecraft, shows the percentage of cloud coverage across the surface of Saturn's moon Titan. The color scale from black to yellow signifies no cloud coverage to complete cloud coverage, over a period spanning July 2004 to April 2010.

Equinox, when the sun shone directly over the equator, occurred in August 2009. It brought a changing of the seasons, as Titan moved out of southern summer into northern spring.

During winter in the northern hemisphere, northern polar clouds of ethane formed in Titan's troposphere, the lowest part of the atmosphere, from a constant influx of ethane and aerosols from a higher part of the atmosphere known as the stratosphere. In the southern hemisphere, atmospheric gases enriched with methane welled up from the surface to produce mid- and high-latitude clouds.

The amount and location of cloud coverage on Titan provide clues to seasonal changes on the moon. During southern summer, Cassini scientists saw a thick vortex of clouds at Titan's north pole, and a thinner patch at the south pole. Wispier mid-latitude clouds sometimes appeared in the southern temperate zones. Scientists are closely watching to see if this picture will change as northern summer approaches. They will observe whether the south polar clouds grow as the north polar clouds dissipate, and whether northern temperate clouds appear as those in the south disappear.

The data for this graphic came from Cassini's visual and infrared mapping spectrometer.

The Cassini-Huygens mission is a cooperative project of NASA, the European Space Agency and the Italian Space Agency. The Jet Propulsion Laboratory, a division of the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, manages the mission for NASA's Science Mission Directorate, Washington, D.C. The Cassini orbiter was designed, developed and assembled at JPL. The visual and infrared mapping spectrometer team is based at the University of Arizona, Tucson.

For more information about the Cassini-Huygens mission visit http://saturn.jpl.nasa.gov/home/index.cfm. The visual and infrared mapping spectrometer team homepage is at http://wwwvims.lpl.arizona.edu.

Credit: NASA/JPL/University of Arizona/University of Nantes/University of Paris Diderot


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Legendary UFO Expert, U.S. Air Force Lt. Colonel Wendelle Stevens Dies at 87

Retired U.S. Air Force Lt. Col was lead investigator in Billy Meier UFO contact case, helped prove still ongoing contacts with human extraterrestrials are real

Playa Del Rey, CA (PRWEB) September 21, 2010

Lt. Col. Wendelle Stevens, USAF (Ret.), the lead investigator in the still ongoing Billy Meier UFO contacts in Switzerland, died on September 7, in Tucson, Arizona. Stevens, who began researching UFOs for the Air Force in 1947, played a major role in bringing the Meier UFO contacts to public attention. Having learned of Meier's contacts and seen some of his early UFO photos in 1977, Stevens organized a team that included private investigators Lee and Brit Elders of Intercept, and photographic expert Jim Diletosso and Tom Welch. Their findings were augmented and attested to by numerous scientific experts when independent author Gary Kinder (Light Years) also investigated the case.

Stevens first received Meier's transcripts of his German language conversations with the Plejaren extraterrestrials, in 1978, and began having them translated into English. By publishing the information in dated, copyrighted books Stevens effectively, and probably unknowingly, established the prophetically accurate nature of much of the scientific information provided to Meier by the extraterrestrials. This included Meier's advance knowledge of Jupiter's rings, Io being the most volcanically active body in the solar system, the actual number of Saturn's moons, the two planets beyond Pluto, the discoveries of water, small life forms and the hostile environment on Mars, etc., all well before "official discovery".

Stevens investigation into the Meier case was, from the beginning, closely monitored by various intelligence agencies, some of whom regularly detained him and his team on their way to and from Meier's residence in Switzerland. But chief among those who followed Stevens and his team's every step was the CIA, whose station chief in London at the time, Mark Nathan, personally interrogated everyone, according to what Stevens publicly told audiences.

According to Michael Horn, Meier's U.S. media representative, "Part of their purpose was to make copies of all photographs and information that the investigators were getting from Meier. Stevens not only faced harassment from the authorities," said Horn, "but enormous opposition from various UFO organizations who were plainly envious of the stunning evidence Wendelle acquired from Meier. They were especially peeved that he chose to bring in top scientific experts to analyze it and not the unqualified UFO enthusiasts."

In addition to being the preeminent UFO investigator of all time, Stevens was well known as a great storyteller, famous for recounting the details of his decades long investigation into Meier's contacts. Horn says that without Stevens' courageous, pioneering work, the still ongoing efforts to discredit and suppress the Meier case would have probably succeeded completely.

See Wendelle Stevens' books on the Billy Meier UFO case.

Michael Horn will be appearing at the:

Los Angeles Conscious Life Expo October 15 - 17, 2010

The Michael Horn Show
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Cult Alert Update!

There is another roundup @ the website Newsy (one of my favorite news sources)... We know that psychological evaluations are private, but don't you kinda want to know what is going on inside of Reyna Marisol Chicas' mind?  Well, in this case it seems like some of that information should be made public as it pertains to the other members of the group.  Based on the news stories, it appears everything was blown way out of proportion, but you can't be too careful with a cult group.  If the plan was to commit group suicide, it is not information that would be easily extracted.  Nevertheless, once Reyna is released from her evaluation, she will probably have to wait a while before she moves back off the radar.

Multisource political news, world news, and entertainment news analysis by Newsy.com


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Happiness is being Lazy and letting others write good UFO articles

When I started blogging in 2003, I never thought I would actually create a blog where I discuss the news as it pertains to UFOs.  Oh, and Magic Pop.  But this is what I do, and I do it regularly because it is the best news to follow.  Better than sports because it's not controlled by Las Vegas, better than politics because in the end we have the choice to either believe or not to believe without facing the consequences of new tax laws going into effect.  That might be strange logic, but UFO research is fun, never ending and by all accounts, it is growing to enormous levels.  For some reason, it's the people who you would think take the most drugs who are doing the most convincing, which in itself may not be all that surprising.  Actors, directors, comedians, and musicians are who I'm speaking of, and for some reason, when they talk about their beliefs about alien life forms, people seem to really show interest even more than the world's top UFO researchers.  Listen to a Muse song or read an article by Nick Pope?  Hmm.. could I interest you in a Stanton Friedman lecture?  Thought so.
Anyway, every time I want to really get in to this sort of lecture, someone more famous writes the article, which is fine by me, so I'm gonna share it!


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Missing Cult Members Alert!

14 members of a cult that believe in some sort of end-o-the-world doomsday threat have gone missing from a meeting spot on Palmdale, CA, a city north of Los Angeles.

Little information has been disbursed, and the specifics on what sorta beliefs the group maintains is not yet available.  There is a picture of the cult's leader - a 32-year old woman named Reyna Marisol Chicas.

Members left behind notes saying they are returning to Jesus and belongings that include deeds to property.  NBC states the people made no direct indication of a suicide pact, but the language of the notes and their beliefs, as told by significant others looking for them, point in that direction.


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Magic Benchmark: October 13, 2010 ?

A new book by  a previously little-known NORAD fella claims to have knowledge of a "tentative" UFO aerial.  Maybe this is a spooky trick or treat preview, but the store is creating a bunch of weird side-stories, all I know is this is the perfect time for this book, just a couple of weeks to wait and see how full of beans this dude is.  For those who have a life and don't look into the UFO world often, trust the Federation when we tell you that the information going around the horn on the internets is unbelievable these days.  There are stories released daily that provide us good sci-fi fans with amazing UFO stories at all hours of the day... whether they are creative or not is one thing, but it seems like there is always a date on the horizon where something big is going to happen.  Fool me once, shame on you!  Fool me again .... shame on me!  Or something like that.  If getting fooled is wrong, I guess I don't wanna be right.  What's at stake, of course, is the long-term sales of Stanley A. Fulham's new book Challenges of Change (3rd edition!), which states there will be some sort of massive UFO "invasion" that will help Americans citizens of the world to recognize.

Says the press release:
"Fulham writes it is generally recognized UFOs function beyond our earth's physical laws, and has concluded answers to questions regarding who they are, where are they from, why are they here, are they a threat, and the mystery of abductions could only be found at a higher dimension of reality."

There is a big chat thread a brewin' over at ATS.
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2012 vault

This vid really pumps me up!  Makes me wish I took more science in school!  Oh wait, I have a bachelor of science degree and then some... anyway...
This vid really makes me wish people understood this man jumped the ship the minute he opened his awkward mondo-literate voice. 
It's NOT about doomsday.  So the haters are talking to the especially reduced portion of this chat-thread population that are really in the dark and pretending to know better.  Now I'm not saying I live in the "light", despite living here in sunny southern Cali... but people perpetrating the doomsday scenario kinda make me wanna barf.


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Was spotted UFO in Colombia TR-38?

There is still speculation about recent sightings in Colombia in the aftermath of the "fireball" sighting and at least one other sighting.

Reports are still coming in from Colombia, but there is no agreed answer as to what has been viewed.  Some scientists are claiming is was Russian junk, and others think it may possibly be the TR-38 in action.

Those crazy Colombians.


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Here is my reply to this mess created at a site called legalienate, a sight that as you might recall has gained attention with the great satire piece that fooled people into believing Netanyahu's shrink killed himself bc of his biggest client's mental status.  To be honest, that post was so good it easily could be true, and I still don't know if it was satire, though no other stories confirm its validity.  Call me a sucker for a good story.  It was great, but here they are attacking my boy G Edward Griffin.  Only problem is that this article was about David Ray Griffin.  Ooops.  My bad.  I kept thinking "theologian?"  HA, well I hope they find this apology... now here's my gaffe (quoting myself): 

Not sure what you are getting at here- is the 911 Commission's report valid or not? There are far more questions to its validity that will never go answered unless guys like Griffin stand up and have a take. Griffin's work on the fed has enlightened a lot of people, much of what he put forth about The Fed has been accepted, but guess what? Nobody seems to give a crap. Thus what you find is a continued state of economic decay without any change. None. So raising the right questions, one by one, must be done. And more people need to jump aboard and continue the thread - or those conclusions that he draws are going to be ignored in a similar manner regardless. Also, I'd like to add, is there a balance for what should and shouldn't be covered in one piece of work? Focus on one aspect of the attacks is better than spreading thin by raising the questions in related, but different areas of the concentration's big picture. Get over yourself! Oh wait, was this a satire piece?


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Hi - I'm the FMPU mod and wanted to come back to take a look at my Stephenville post  I wrote when this story came out.  Keep in mind that this story blew my mind at the time.  In fact, for some reason this was one out of only 3 posts I wrote for this blog in all of 2008.  What is crazy (and part dumb on my part) is that the link to this article is no longer listed.  It was a Yahoo story, and Yahoo says it is gone.  I'm just saying - I'm sorry for not including much info about the article besides the part I've clipped and added to this blog.  I apologize to the author, and to the reader.  Sheesh.  Ok, back to the stables with the rest of you out there in the blogospere of the internets.

Nothing came of that whole story unless you are active within the UFO community.  We went back to biz as usual and officials provided their "official" story, I think... who cares?  There simply is not enough hard evidence to persuade my dead uncle Max.

Here is the post exactly as it was when I originally posted it (dead link included):

Monday, January 14, 2008

UFO Over Texas!

This is some crazy news...


STEPHENVILLE, Texas - In this farming community where nightfall usually brings clear, starry skies, residents are abuzz over reported sightings of what many believe is a UFO.
Several dozen people — including a pilot, county constable and business owners — insist they have seen a large silent object with bright lights flying low and fast. Some reported seeing fighter jets chasing it.
"People wonder what in the world it is because this is the Bible Belt, and everyone is afraid it's the end of times," said Steve Allen, a freight company owner and pilot who said the object he saw last week was a mile long and half a mile wide. "It was positively, absolutely nothing from these parts."
While federal officials insist there's a logical explanation, locals swear that it was larger, quieter, faster and lower to the ground than an airplane. They also said the object's lights changed configuration, unlike those of a plane. People in several towns who reported seeing it over several weeks have offered similar descriptions of the object.
So just what is the logical ... there is nothing to explain. There is no logic. I'm not a doomsday wisher... I want answers and I want to be "in" on what is happening.

Read the rest here.


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Video of Colombia Meteor

After some deep research, because nobody here in the US media cares, videos are surfacing from individuals who captured this event on their cameras.


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Second Meteorite Said To Have Smashed into Colombia Town

After following this story all day - it is great this story is already kicking. 1st off - on Tues. 08/31 - I was driving home and saw a ridiculously large fireball that went entirely unnoticed here in Los Angeles. The thing was quite low (relatively) due to it's brightness, but still high enough to completely disappear after reaching the night-time horizon. It was 10:20pm. I found nobody who mentioned it, but I will say it sure wasn't blisteringly fast across the sky, taking over 1 second to pass by.. almost 2 seconds entirely. It was bright green in color. My theory is that it orbited for the next few days and this is the same thing that crashed in Colombia.

Not proof - just a theory.

But the best part was talking to a friend this evening about this report from Colombia. My friend hadn't heard about and we looked it up and the 1st thing this friend said to me was "oh yeah, Colombian news is respected, and why would the media rake this under the coals?"

But it has not made the news.  Not here in the US despite reports that this object left a 100 meter divot in the ground!

The weirdness then began right off the bat when a local report STATED/CONFIRMED that this was a meteorite.  This report was made on September 6th....

Now there is a report that a SECOND meteorite has struck in a town in Colombia.  The news is HERE, but I'm not sure how long this will remain a story as there are questions as to the nature of this story.  As you would expect from a Colombian news source.

Video from the 1st reported meteorite....

Disclose.tv - Giant Asteroid Meteorite Crash in Colombia Video

UPDATES! Ok so there just isn't enough news developing on this story.  The blogosphere just doesn't know what to do and the zealots are firing away.  Just odd!  But, in case you weren't able to get that other link for the 2nd fireball/meteorite (?) here is a link (not in English!) so use your favorite translation website to read a little more. 


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UFO landing spots a rising industry?

There are people in parts of the world that are capitalizing on extraterrestrial possibility.  Hey why not?  There is always a chance, right?  Ok that depends on who you talk to because the nature of how science works these days, there isn't a grant dollar in the world that's going to float your mission to uncover aliens and their agenda.  Many years ago, Ares, in France decided this is the principle they could set a standard for and went ahead with a UFO landing area.  And in 1976, people laughed.  And since 1976 no UFOs have landed there, but it attracts a shitload of people which makes it pretty lucrative.  Not Roswell lucrative, but they probably feed a few people with what they earn.

By the way, have I invited you to my UFO bake sale next week?  Bring the family and your wallets.


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Reviewing the 2012 Internet

After reading a "debunker" blog today, I came the realization that the author Andrew certainly has its fine share of tiny shreds of fact, it is clear that you don't respect the works of some of the world's finest researchers. By lobbing all the significant meanings of what happens in 2012 with something as ridiculous as the GZM, you miss the serious aspects of forward thinking behind the reasoning it has reached the mainstream consciousness.

That's ok -- Andrew Mulligan Hoffman doesn't need to understand what he's writing about to know it doesn't agree with his sensibilities. Everyone else knows saying 2012 = mass destruction is cool to make a point! Unfortunately 2012 is not something that will pass in an insignificant way whether there is a devastating earthquake or a massive rave out in the California desert attended by old and young -- and believe me, there will be many across the globe, then the statement that the day will pass with insignificance is flat-lined. But readers of his blog know better.

Says Hoffman, "Choosing to take a position not supported by the mainstream media is laudable to a certain extent, but if we only think about the things the television tells us to think about, we’ve already lost."

Television? Really? Is this blog post reaching out to the 20% of Americans who don't use the internet? Oops. That was not one of the tiny shreds of fact I was referring to.

Ok, so what the author does here is conveniently leave out the fact that Dec. 21, 2012 is going to go down as the greatest party day in history -- outdoing Woodstock 100 fold and if we wake up in the morning on Dec. 22 and the world is still in tack, only to find out it has been take under complete control by a big, ugly, evil totalitarian government than finally it will be considered a case of the media's finest work yet. 

Har har -- to death n destruction!  Viva hate!


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Magic Predictions: Did Webbot Predict Discovery Channel Hostage Incident?

The event that happened this week in Maryland is an "important temporal marker in the developing mass rejection of "The Big Lies" that are propagated by MainStreamMedia (the MSM)." according to the folks over at the Webbot Project.

Now the data might be unreliable, but the good thing about Webbot is they are willing to face that there are other things that happen during majore events and without an exact date, timestamping etc. of the shit that goes down, the unreliability factor is an important variable.

Still though... the Webbot Project is cool. Not as cool as the Terrence McKenna timewave I'll have to post, but it's damn cool.