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A Tiny Tim Double Whammy

Tiny Tim gives the man a saucer game...

Tiny Tim lounges up Stairway to Heaven...


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World Events in March 2011

Let me set the table. March is generally reserved as my favorite month of the year. The weather is perfect and warm here in L.A., it's my birthday month and I've traveled every March for the last 15 years. This year I celebrated the beautiful weather and my birthday. I visited Canada for the first time and went to Detroit to see a real-time ghost town. Nothing gets me down in March, and if you wanna see me in March you best reserve a time for next year. My men's basketball team in Culver City even won the championship last night for good measure.

But this year was different for many reasons. Seems like I haven't done any good sky watching in ages, and I keep watching devastating video footage from Japan, and so things aren't as great as most other years. The following video does a mediocre wrap-up of March 11 happenings. I'm not sure what the video is hinting at around the 7 minutes mark, but maybe you can help with that.


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Eligael (with another video of UFO-over-Jerusalem)

I was educated and eventually Bar-Mitzvah'd at an orthodox Jewish hebrew school out here in the San Fernando Valley in Cali and I do have a bit of knowledge from that experience alone to tell you about the crazy Israeli's in my life. On the one hand, they are some of the most intellectually hip folks I know, and on the other hand they are the most capitalistic hard-headed folks, too. I have followed this crazy story, like most, from about 10 steps back so I can just see what happens when I stand outside even wanting to believe, to just a normal online spectator. I even subscribed to eligael's Youtube profile so updates will come to my email inbox. I have doubted eligael's sanity from "go" but the videos are pretty cool. 1-5 are interesting and while they have been debunked many different ways, neither side (pro or con) came off sounding any more insightful, leaving that "must know more" after-taste.
So today when I got eligael's update that a 6th video has appeared, I hardly did cartwheels. Instead I watched intently. Remember, brother, this is a story that made Fox News after the first couple videos were released, so a lot of people have at least heard of the incident. Dammit, that's the issue with these UFO sightings, not enough name-brand recognition! They (UFO sightings, in general) are currently happening so fast and furious, it can be difficult to manage. Anyway, this 6th video is a great watch because of the great visuals. And a close up! I don't want to lead you in any one way on this one so please have a view. I will stand by, ready to hold hands with the quivering love petals and fabric softners out there in rainbow-ville.

It's been years since I've been to a real temple. Years. After I turned 13 I had a choice, and I said no thanks. The organized religion may be out of my life, but the Jewish culture has never left my bones. They (Hot-headed Israelis) make me mad and they make me laugh, but they do know how to roll with societal interests. For every one Israeli I have been close with, I have also had one deep argument and 20 brilliant conversations. But I'm not counting. Officially.

Oh well, I am tired. Here's a couple choice comments from this video's page:

eligael. you are being decieved by the ufo conspiracy crowd. do not listen to anything they say. disassociate yourself from any who claim to have 'secret knowledge'. there is no solid proof of the existence of aliens or spaceships; not one piece of hard evidence exists anywhere. there are no aliens or spaceships. the need to be part of something beyond the known universe is evidence of a psychological disturbance. mental hospitals are full of people who think they are aliens, or think they have been abducted by aliens or think they are under the watchful eyes of some global alien conspiracy becuase they 'know the truth'. truth is in your own life, on your own planet, amongst your own people in the real world. if what you and your friends have seen is real then it is your honesty and the testimony of your own mouths that will prove whether it is true or not. again, i say: watch out for the conspiracy theorists - they are mentally ill. peace

@eskeme22, @0808Kali,@fl4k0: yu idiots still believe 1st 2 vids were legit??yu dumbest farkin idiots yu r no better than herd of sheep. all Eligael's vids have been debunked as CGI goes 2 show whr yu idiots come frm. farkin still livin in a stone age??somebody asked wat his name means, his name is Eligael n im pretty sure it means what it sounds ie illegal . grow up idiots, this world has become a shithole just becuz of blind idiots like yu who'd believe in anything n without thnkin twice would elect any arsehole as yur leader n support any agenda without through research n fall for hoaxes like gullible dumb bitches.

This guy is full of shit. Doing this all for attention. PATHETIC HUMAN BEING.

MUFON expert Marc Dantonio released a logical statement explaining the 6th Jerusalem video to be a prank. I somehow managed to not call anyone who believes this one to be a complete dweeb last night. Alas. Dweebs! (That's if MUFON is to be trusted!)


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Magic Applewhite: Evacuate

Evacuate ( The Marshall Applewhite Happy Talk Mix ) by jasongroman

Goodbye to Jose Arguelles. The man who played a pivotal role in bringing 2012 information to our table. Reading through a lot of his material it is easy to see why this guy was put down as a complete fraud by so many. I just find the work to not be as flashy and fun as some of the other speakers talking about 2012. His speech work is enlightening if you can stay awake long enough to get through it.


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Must. Post. U.F.O. News. Flash.

Had to. Couldn't resist. Yeah, so just as soon as I write off the UFO reports this thing turns up and I'm like "WTF?"

Leroy Vandervegt and his son, Nick, witnessed a UFO in Lafayette, CO. Oh that damn Colorado and their UFO reporting.

Pretty standard, three lights, they appear red in the video but I think at one point they say the colors change. But, what they did say was interestingly put. They are asking for an answer to what they witnessed:

"I don’t know what they are," Leroy Vandervegt told the Boulder Daily Camera. "All I know is that I had no idea what it is. It wasn’t a satellite; it wasn’t an airplane; and it wasn’t a helicopter."

It should be very simple to answer. Wasn't a satellite, plane or heli, so it remains a UFO. Right? Or was it a fake? Watch the video and YOU tell me!

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He'd Like a Magic Awakening: Benjamin Fulford and HAARP

It's been a while.  The first time I heard Fulford video below, I couldn't finish it.  His 2007 attack on David Rockefeller seemed odd, out of place or out of context, I am not sure why, but it struck me as a longshot and I chose to turn my head.  After going back and re-watching it in its entirety, I have a little different opinion.  Benjamin Fulford, in short, would like to spread the word to the planet that HAARP may have played a role in many of the major "natural" disasters that have struck down in various parts of the world over the last several years.  Crazy?  You might call me that for asking you to watch a 38 minute video... but here goes...


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Interesting Article on Solar Cycles

I found this article to be pretty interesting.  Check out what the wars in 1990 (Kuwait, Saddam), 9/11, and this year's uprisings and worse all have in common.  You might be shocked to find out about an article (linked by The Big Wobble and others by now...) has to say in an article titled: Scientists' research warns humanity may be facing 'vortex of death', by Van Tran Terrence Aym.

From the article: 
"Solar Cycle 24 has begun. NASA and other space agencies worldwide have been warning about it. The cycle is predicted to be violent, unpredictable, and may even affect the fragile 21st earth technology."

Look at the timing, mankind.  It's getting hot in here!  I mean these things DON'T just happen.  It seems more apparent every day that humanity is accepting that things are indeed changing, and these changes need serious minds, and most likely intense will, to want to carry forth.  Homeostasis has officially been upset, from Egypt to Wisconsin (my NCAA bracket REQUIRES a Badger win tonight!). Fool me once - Three Kings.  Fool me twice, we  attack places with no WMD. Man, as much as I can't stand listening to anything by Louis Farrakhan (he spoke at CSU, Northridge in the late 90's when I was a student and he set me off,) I have to ask the same question to Obama:  "Who the Hell do you think you are?"  But he knows it.  And I even felt (still do, actually) something strange about our current presence in Libya.  The aggression peaks until 2012, suggests Aym's rant.  It's a timeline that has some value, and should be studied a little more before I call it accurate, but an interesting point is certainly made.

Check out The Big Wobble


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Pretty good stuff here

These days I'm not linking to as many UFO stories as I used to.  Just seems like an awful lot of wasted time when all the stories and all the sightings and all the denial and all the mystery and being treated as if UFOs are some joke because a lot of the UFO reports are just that.  There seems to be so much to the stories, but then they disappear.  Researchers do so much work; some have dedicated much of their lives to this study and these great researchers have drawn quite a crowd in to their circle, but for what?  The answer might not be to stop, so I'm not going to stop because I have an open mind and some stories are convincing.  As long as these stories are tethered to your imagination (and instinct) this topic will only continue to come to a head.    


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What's Up, Pan

Cassini's latest pictures from the Saturn system are interesting.  If you can get past the photoshop-looking spectacle, then go ahead and read more details about this "UFO shaped" entity HERE.

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Growth Curves & the Laws of Exponential Growth

Entropy defined!  This podcast, nicely broken down in to 6 parts - you must listen to the entire part 1, you won't believe your ears.  Of course after that, you'll be hooked and you have to listen to the rest.

Webbot Clif High on Truth Frequency Radio, and was all here on the Webbot Project

 Listen for the amazing conversation that is sure to blow your mind to little bits...


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Vote FMPU to the Moon!

That is right UFOPOP nerds and hotties (we get 'em all day long over here..) YOU can make a difference by voting FMPU UP UP UP! Just click here
We are listed at the www.topparanormalsites.com website. Click here to vote for us.. Thank you :-)

and you can be a part of history.  Unless you hate the site in which case I'll have to ask you to scoot.  JK lov the haters.
So today I just wanted to cover a few of the sites I'm up against.  Some are fantastic and others need to be put below me.

I'd like to start with Wisps from the Dazzling Darkness.  While people may look at FMPU and say, "Hey, what kinda foo-foo operation you fools runnin' over here," or something to that magnitude, WFDD is definitely a more foo-foo sounding name, sorry.  A "skeptic's take on the paranormal experience" must have decided there's not a whole lot to write about since the site has only one post since November 6th of 2010.  So yeah, maybe it's just a matter of housekeeping, or they still have a high google ranking, nevertheless, FMPU deserves the nod!  Dazzle me this.

Real UFOs (.net) has a great site with all the big names in UFOlogy.  Highly recommended and no matter how you vote, how frequently you vote, and how many friends you refer here, we won't catch them.  Their latest update is this sighting in MN.

I keep Real UFOs site linked to all my social groups.

For the researcher who wants visuals and reports in the media of all things fantastical and fucked about our beautiful planet earth, few work harder then my man, and new daddy, Andre Heath.  His site is The Alien Project and Andre is going on full-tilt 24/7.  Check out this site's coverage of the craziness happening in Japan - and other phenomenon happening on Earth.  I'm always amazed at how quick, diverse, and impacting his reports are.  Sometimes they are scary, and you kinda sit back and wonder why he goes through all the madness, but in the end you'll find this to worthwhile endeavor that deserves attention.  FMPU respect!

I don't need to be sold salvation, and that is what End Times Prophecy does.  If you have any reason to vote NOW for FMPU, it is so that this garbage site can go sell religious crazy elsewhere. I find sites like this to be noise, they get in the way and they are never interesting to look at.  God is good, and all that jazz, we're not promoting atheism here at FMPU, we're just kinda sick of the continual bastardization of the holy books so that they meet the criteria of whatever is currently in the media, et al.  Stay what you are, because I wouldn't change you for the world.

Hail Eris!

Finally, Nick Pope is on UFO fire, so to speak.  Many of the sites I read have at least a post or two about the man, he is the man, though he talks kinda funny.  Educating Humanity is an ok site (I like the name) that is a little one-dimensional (hey, we offer bad pop music if ya feel like ignoring the other shit!), but not all-together badly put together.  I recommend, with a thumb half-twisted up in a bow tie shape, a visit here, but not until you vote for FMPU to move up those Top Paranormal Site rankings!


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The Discussion is Getting Heated: Thousands of UFO Sightings from Japan

And the Above Top Secret thread begins...

According to Japan’s Kyodo News Agency and other Japanese media, there’s been hundreds and upwards of “thousands of UFO sightings” over the country since Friday’s 8.9 magnitude earthquake. Also, video footage from the news channel NHK World English and personal videos show a UFO speeding with bright lights in the sky and then skimming over the Pacific near the quake zones in Japan. The UFO sighting videos have been show on regional TV and the Internet since Friday, with the world UFO community noting “strange light trails following the UFO’s over Japan.” 

From there, your guess is mine as to where it might go, do you think this conversation is more unneeded noise, or might it be that the frequency is giving you hope?
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Shout outs and other UFO banter

Ok - so it's turning into a really bizarre week for the UFOheads out there in spaceland.  That Jerusalem story won't seem to go away.  Another video was posted on Youtube and despite having fallen out of the eye of the media it's still making a little roar over there in the corner I've dubbed WTF.  Equally interesting are those UFO sightings in Japan being posted all over the nets.  Interesting in the sense that it's in such bad taste (think GilbertGottfried ) and done for all the wrong reasons, that its just in the way and people need to get out of the fucking way.  Stop trying to be the 1st to report a UFO landing.  If it's going to happen, it would be great to just be caught doing something great for mankind, rather than standing there like a bunch of moronic ducks saying "I knew it!"  Suppose it's a way to cash in for some of those folks, but really - if the evidence isn't legit, stfu.  Keep the noise level down, the respect factor high.  It's like you're trying to loot a store as madness ensues.  Take it easy, not sleazy.  That's what she said...

Yeah, so I'm in such a good mood I feel like doing some UFO-related site shoutouts.  UFO Investigations International has a chat thread that's been blinking on the regular.

Paranormal Evidence hasn't found anything conclusive yet, but they are trying.  At least their lack of updates winds up working in their favor, as I see nothing about Japan here.

I'm a fan of the Los Angeles Paranormal Association because every time I feel like I know everything about the wonderful city I grew up in, they post a story that has me in deep thought about all the things I never was sure made it from the pages of comic books. 

Ok, so I did see this one tonight, and it's pretty amazing to see.  Obviously some background on the videographer/narrator would help but without that it's not going to go far.  Pretty interesting when he says "that's one of those B-52 bombers" as a plane went after in hot pursuit. Thanks Niternat for posting this one.

Feeling the guilt for posting that after ranting on those Japanese UFO posters. 

What meta-search would be complete without a NASA video of a Cassini Saturn flyby?  I ask you this...

5.6k Saturn Cassini Photographic Animation from stephen v2 on Vimeo.



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Is it possible New Horizons is Really Checking a New Planet?

Nibiru, Nemisis, Tyche, Planet X has been called a trans-Plutonian massive body of planetary size located in the remote peripheries/regions of the solar system.  Could that mean that this Transplutonian body means it is an inhabitant of the planet Pluto?  Could Nirbiru be located in the regions of Pluto?

New Horizons is set to arrive to the scene in 2015, which in all fact may make it a bit late to the party.  Being that it's on the way, why isn't this experiment focusing its radar and sending images?  Someone's taking pictures, right?  I mean, someone remembered to make NH a good camera or two, right?  Sheesh.

People are talking about the (super)moon, HAARP, and other notions to help draw something that can be limited, defined, overcome and re-established via scientific study.  The problem is this stuff is coming so hard, so fast, who knows who will be around tomorrow.  I live facing the pacific ocean over here near Los Angeles.  It's frustrating to think that is things don't work out the right way over there in Japan, I'll be on the American front lines figuring out a way to not breath in that wonderful ocean breeze.  That could potentially happen this week.  Luckily I'm leaving for Detroit on Thursday.  Unlucky that Charlie Sheen's live show isn't happening while I'm there.  *UPDATE:  If you have been reading those maps about potential nuclear fallout here in the Western US, they are bullshit.

New Horizons is now passing the Uranus orbit on its way to Pluto.  This simple fact is not even updated on the $400 million project's twitter feed.  Why did we spend that much money to go see what's up with a Plutoid?  And now that NASA will probably just refer over to the Russians on future rocket engineering, does anything make sense anymore?  Maybe to some folks, but shouldn't we be in on the secret that we are funding?  NASA makes no sense with what they decide not to tell us!


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The Haters Really Came Out on this One...

Girl says she has been following earthquakes "for one year," continues to spew some jibber jabber about a possible earthquake, and concludes with a vision she had from Christ during the 12th minute of the video.

Good golly, this is getting weird even for FMPU.


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Jared Loughner in Court the Same Day as Final Shuttle Landing

So we had a conspiracy theory laid upon us in January that discussed all the coincidences in the Loughner case, or at least some of them.

Yesterday, when nobody was paying attention, the space shuttle Discovery returned from a journey to space for the last time, in Florida. Enjoy your retirement, Discovery, I'll look forward to buying some of your wiring on Ebay one day.  And the crazy thing was that Jared Loughner, the weird Arizona shooter was in court smiling away at the fact that he murdered people and can now be called an assassin.  Neither event went unnoticed by the media, but that particular entanglement, or synchronicity as it were, went entirely unmentioned in the media.

I heard the grin on his face was electric when the judge brought up the assassination.

That story is going to be silenced.  Jared won't last long, in my opinion.


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The Screamers live @ UCLA Eva Braun

With all the UFO bullshit goin' round these days you'd almost think it's cool to believe.

You are speaking to someone who has never witnessed a UFO, but that should do little to discredit this site.

What makes our world go round?  Where DID the moon come from?  Don't think you are in the inside of a circuit board built in the USSA.  You are human with interests flowing inside out and vice versa.

The going just got weird, folks.  Now would be a good time to start a blog, as mini as it seems, they can be alright.


If you research too much into Jared Loughner you will soon find yourself falling down a rabbit hole that you may never get tugged out of, but man, that guy is about to put up a defense.  Are the ballistics being tampered with?  What have the researchers found?

A wide grin at the word assassination is intriguing, and you should wonder what... what....


Did not anyone notice that the space shuttle Discovery landed (for the last time on a mission from space) on the very same day Jared Loughner grinned his way through a court proceeding?  Wow, the odds.  Astronomical. 


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The Massive Planet That is on the Way

I dunno what to think on the topic anymore, but when scientists are pushing forward with news of a new planet that's on its way, and yet deny that it's nothing more than a "9th planet," you immediately begin to wonder where sci-fi begins and science ends.  Or vice-versa.

Nibiru or Tyche?  Who cares, it's a big ass motherfucker if it's there, and ominous quotes like "It should take another couple of years before we can be sure," (from a piece on Discovery.com) don't make it simple and easily shelved.  Since the 2012'ers have been talking about the return of a planet or brown dwarf for so many years, the fact that there's ANYTHING being discussed in the scientific world is perfectly outstanding.

Oh yeah, of course the first thing I did was go to the comments section, and here are a couple of those comments that caught my eye:

Remark: We can look for and find planets orbiting stars light years from us, but we can't find something bigger than Jupiter in our own back yard?  Isn't that a little like parking the car in the back yard and then going out the next day and not being able to find it?  I call BS on this one.

Remark response: To be fair, to find a planet at another star, you look directly at the star and watch for "eclipses" or Doppler wobble. You have an exact location to observe. To find a new planet in the Oort cloud, you have to scan the _entire_ sky, multiple times to spot motion, and what you're looking for is too far to be visible from reflected sunlight.

It is obviously the gravity well of the singularity of an ancient derelict alien space craft's gravity wave drive that is perturbing orbit's of comets. The CIA has known for decades, that's what pioneer and voyager were really about.

I have to adjust my tinfoil hat now.


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Skip James

A legendary Blues man who had his sound ripped off more than a lot of people realize.


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More UK UFO and Weird Stuff Reports Released Part 1

Wow, what a relief - more UFO reports are coming out from the MOD that are kind of shocking.  The 35 files cover a multitude of topics. 

Today I just had time to read from one of the files DEFE 24/2046 - and one topic it covers is MK-Ultra.  Included in it's pages is a paper within the paper titled:
Mind Control Part 4  High-Tech Crimes and Electromagnetic Madness by Arlene Tyner

Interestingly, the paper even brings up an interesting view of the suicide of Kurt Cobain:

On April 8, 1994, popular rock star/writer Kurt Cobain (of Nirvana fame) was found dead in his own home. He appeared to have been the victim of a shotgun blast to the head three days before. A deadly dose of heroin (three times over) was found in his blood. His so-called suicide note did not indicate he was going to take his own life. Many fans believe the evidence does not prove suicide and that Cobain was more likely murdered.ill But why?

Among several examples of "NSA self-initiated execution (suicide)," it (MC technologies) claims Cobain was a casualty of brainwashing who was "terminated" for "writing clues" about his victimization into his songs. "Once the NSA puts on the highest level of brainwashing pain, the subject expires quickly," this document alleges. "Cobain used heroin to numb and otherwise slow the effect of the brainwashing."

Also included in Arlene's paper is information about defense industry personnel who died mysteriously in 1987:
Several gifted scientists and programmers employed in other branches of the defense industry died under suspicious circumstances in 1987. Peter Peapell, 46, a simulator expert in stealth and EW, was found underneath his car with the engine running. David Sands, 37, allegedly drove at high velocity into a brick wall, after filling his car with cans of gasoline. Richard Pugh, 37, was found dead in his home with a plastic bag over his head and his feet tied. Royal Air Force computer specialist Mark Wisner, 25, was also found suffocated by a plastic bag. Dr. John Brittan, 52, was found dead in his garage with the car running; he had been a computer expert at the Royal Armaments Research and Development Establishment. In 1988 the body of Russell Smith, 23, who worked for the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority in Harwell, was found on a cliff. Family members of these deceased individuals indicated no motive for suicide.
Even good ol' psychotherapy gets kicked in the wallet as the article raises concerns of CIA involvement in the therapist's "bible": 

One DSM IV criterion of "schizotypal personality disorder" is "belief in ’sixth clairvoyance, telepathy, or sense.’ Under such a sweeping definition, the entire cabal of military/intelligence psychic experimenters (including privatized, Pentagon-funded outfits like Psi Tech) could be labeled "schizophrenic" for indulging in "remote viewing" (ESP) research for decades!iQID Significantly, a History Channel offering called "Psychic Espionage," aired in September 2001, never ridiculed or cast "mental illness" aspersions on any of the male scientists and CIA Stargate functionaries who were interviewed.



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Is the Loughner Story Old News?

So I wanted to do a metasearch on the coincidences bloggers are digging up in the Jared Loughner case. It's kind of one of those cases that feels hot to the touch and a little too controversial to dig too far in to. My interest in the case is particularly interested in the obsession with NASA. The space connections are strange, and with the last launch of STS-134, the space shuttle program's last dance, it has been on my mind to check around to see if there's anything out there already.

Twilight Language is an interesting concept, and the blog has a nice piece on such coincidences (if they in fact exist) that Jared opened to the world.  If you do not know about the very odd Dr. David Bowen coincidence, you'll especially be blown away by this article.

Loughner described himself as a U.S. military recruit in the video, but the Army released a statement saying he tried to enlist but was rejected.  Did you know this statement was said under federal privacy law?

Also, don't forget that Sirhan Sirhan was just denied parole yesterday... ouch.

I'm telling you there is so much to this story it boggles the mind, who is up for the challenge to go find the rest of the story?