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I'm Not Getting One of These BUT

guess what I AM getting tomorrow?  I'm getting a beach cruiser.  Not just any beach cruiser, but one with a specially built motor that can whiz me around all day on a gallon of gas.  Uhm, pictures will come soon.  Still, I'd rather have this machine all day...


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Hey aliens, seriously, contact me ASAP

Now for a message brought to you via a major news outlet, yeah, it's another seriously weird article presented by MSNBC, this one written by Charles Choi.  Simply put, the article couldn't really hold me too far past the initial paragraph where the author states that if the aliens ever did drop us a line, they would not -- I repeat WOULD NOT -- send us much than a tweet.  Uhm, Choi, thanks for that bit of hard line stance on the issue.  As much as the article could not contain my wandering eye for interesting UFO banter, the comments section did grab em by da nuts so to speak.  One comment in particular gives a good effort in reaching to where even the daring MSNBC couldn't go.

First, allow me state the obvious. The vast majority of sightings are over the continental United States. This tells us a couple of things may be happening.

1. Beings from other solar systems are visiting and observing the United States, or:

2. The United States has immense research underway that, because of its alleged sensitivity, cannot be divulged to the general public or the world.

Both statements may be true but Occam's razor says the second statement is the likely choice. After all, we know of area fifty one and there are possibly unknown research sites as well.
As of this date, 21 July 2010, it is known that the U.S. Navy is testing the unmanned X47 somewhat triangle shaped pilotless airplane. The U.S. Air Force has the X37 in space on a mission that they will not speak about. Boeing has developed a 747 with a laser that is capable of shooting down ICBMs. Boeing is testing the X45 unmanned bomber. And do not overlook scram jets which have dropped out of the news for a couple of years. A scram type jet, looks like a triangle and can move at about five times the speed of sound. Is it a replacement for the SR71? Maybe. The F117 has jet engine nozzles in the wings which amounts to a larger thrust area and reduced noise. The noise reduction technology is probably employed in some of the new models. All of the launches and testing take place in and over the USA with the exception of testing in space which is global. Also take into account that a couple of years ago a cloaking material was developed and by now it may have been modified to be applied to an airframe.
Above is just the information that I have noticed while reading the news. Can you imagine what information is not being released to the general public? Consider this statement I heard on a reasonable documentary about the UFO phenomenon. I'll quote it a closely as I can remember, "What is going on in the deserts of Nevada is fifty years ahead of anything you can begin to imagine." That is an astounding statement. If you are old enough, think back fifty years to what life was like in 1960. No lasers, no space travel, maybe one satellite named Telstar and a couple of Sputniks, Passenger jets were coming of age, no cell phones only hard wired home phones, television was just beginning to offer color pictures, cars were made out of iron, fast food was a rare treat. You get the picture. We have advanced more in the past fifty years than at any other time in the history of mankind.
Perhaps, just perhaps, there was a crash near Roswell and a few other places and we managed to glean a bit of technology from the debris. The truth is that we have pushed ahead very fast and hard in the technology area in fifty years. But, unless there is travel through worm holes available somewhere else in the universe, the chance that any alien craft has visited us is very slim.
I think it is time to give the hidden research, that is taking place, the credit it deserves. I am sure there are some astounding devices being researched and tested in the sky over the U.S.A. and scientists are to be commended for their work.
To the U.S. Government. Don't you think it's time to show the world what is really being developed? Show us. We can take the shock of knowing what is really possible without falling down.
But consider this: theory The psychological rebound defense
Group 1 - The few who say UFOs exist
Group 2 - People qualified to say no they don't (USAF, scientists etc)
Group 3 - General population who are swayed by public opinion

Begin Loop

G1 member(s) say I saw something in the sky. It was a UFO (description here)
G2 says we'll look into it and they do. (Blue Book etc) comes to the conclusion that it was a manmade object or freak of nature such as refracted light from the raindrops in a storm over the horizon, or a meteor etc. It is anything but a UFO. G2 makes the announcement of what it was. This is sufficient proof for G3, the rebound occurs and G3 carry on with their busy lives. Once the kook factor is well established in the G3 minds, and it is, this step can be ignored in most cases, but mentioned every now and then. Some real kooks join the G1 group and that only reduces the credibility of G1. Sometimes what was seen really was manmade or a meteor etc. resulting in more loss of G1 credibility.
G1 publically replies G2 is lying, it's a cover up. And G1 burrows deeper into the kook category in the minds of G3 people. (automatic rebound) The more this happens the more G1 becomes a fringe group of kooks in the minds of the oblivious G3s who carry on with their lives.
G1 publishes books and has meetings which add to the G3 conviction that people who believe in UFOs are kooks.
Loop back to Begin Loop (This loop has been running for sixty years)
G2 knows their secret is safe and society remains oblivious to what is really happening.
Ladies and gentlemen, by the government's use of the psychological rebound effect, we may deduce that the United States is hiding higher technology and it is likely gravity defying devices that can cloak, communicate with laser light from craft to craft and move at astounding speed. These craft are being test flown and seen. The proof is in the sky over the USA and not many other countries, if any.
Okay G2 you may begin discrediting this theory, so that I may officially be a kook.


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Gornji Lajici Man Claims Aliens Firing Meteorites At Him

Of course I only include the name, Gornji Lajici, some place in Bosnia, so I can receive my first hit from that particular place in the World. 

I live in Los Angeles, so I don't get too many visitors from there, as you may have guessed.  I heard this story on C2C last night and thought it deserved another look.

Let us take a closer look, because six times is just more than a little weird.  But then again, being that I'll go out on a limb and say this guy lives in a very remote area, maybe he's just a meteorite collector and could be using this story to sell the rocks.  For example, the sale of one of the verified space rocks was able to literally put a new roof over his head when he sold it to a university.  Not to call this guy a liar, maybe he's legit, but you always gotta look on the weird side of things before being proven a not-so-weird thinker, right?

Alright, that's all I got on this for now - philosophy room is closed.


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Magic Pop: M.I.A. Born Free

Important to view. Difficult to view.  Worth every second, so I hope you find it as riveting as I did...

M.I.A, Born Free from ROMAIN-GAVRAS on Vimeo.


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Getting crazy as China witnesses UFO for a second time

Tonight was going to be a sorta update to the other post I wrote about the Chinese UFO story.  It had legs, and was a #1 trender on Yahoo up until maybe 24-30 hours ago.  But by this evening things were sorta cooling off and the same damn information was being reworded and disbursed all over the place.  The chat threads weren't even giving my normal chuckles. 

Things were not looking good yesterday in regards to gathering and learning new information by the Chinese gov't about the UFO sightings and I was just going to call it a night and fuggit  - it's every where.  Point made? 

But then something happened.  More reports came out this evening while I was out watching Inception.  Now for a discussion on that, maybe I'll have to come back and say what I wanna say, but in for now here is a taste.  2.5 hours long - be ready.  Cut scenes, a few loud booms, and what appears to be transcripts of long-term psychotherapeutic analysis of Leo DeCaprio's previous life.

Whatever, it's all about that shit going on up there in those smoggy Chinese skies, man.  The July 15th sighting is apparently being treated as serious news over there in China with witness reports coming in like this one that states: "I stared at it and it did not move," a witness said of the objects. "After hovering for an hour, the thing started to fly higher and finally out of people's sight."

 Look, from the first sighting a week ago, the pictures (as the one included here) shouldn't necessarily be believed to be aliens or any particular thing, nor should these be considered legitimate at this point.  What you will find is the more silent China is, the more curious everyone will grow.  Silence is the normal guarantee but people would like closure on such oddities.  Or oddity-hopefuls as it were.

On this note China did offer this helpful advice: "All of these other photos, with the exception of a single one, are also simply long-exposure photos of aircrafts, but in this case, helicopters," the blog says. "Not only that, they have nothing to do with China and were published on the web long ago."


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Magic Pop: The Fugs

A tribute to the passing of Tuli Kupferberg (September 28, 1923 - July 12, 2010)
From Ed Sanders:
The 1970s & Early 1980s The 1970s and early 1980s showed some of the best and the worst of a great nation. The war in Vietnam finally ended. Nixon was tossed out in 1974, and the technical side of music made great advances. 4-track became 8-track became 16-track became 24-track on the way to digital, and sound reproduction took giant strides towards excellence.
I wrote a book, The Family, about the Manson group, which was published in 1971. During the 1970s I wrote several books of poetry, and a manifesto called Investigative Poetry. In addition a book of interconnected short stories, Tales of Beatnik Glory, was published in 1975. (Since then Tales has grown to a four-volume work). In 1980, a satiric novel, Fame & Love in New York, was published.
Ken Weaver later went back to college, and wrote a successful book, Texas Crude.
Tuli Kupferberg performed during these years with his group, Revolting Theater, and did many solo song/poem recitals. He became known for his witty, insightful political cartoons, which were published in the Village Voice and many other places. Then came the symbolic year, 1984.


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Magic Pop: Katie Melua

Check out this new'ish song called A Happy Place - stunning voice (her eyes burn), and this single was produced by some pretty good musicians.  Katie Melua's music belongs in a yet named, but not unnoticed genre featuring a lot of different artists with a flair for fine tuning detail interwoven with ethereal sensibility.

A Happy Place - Sparks Vs. Melua by Katie Melua


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Air Traffic Disrupted in China BY UFO!

An unidentified flying object disrupted air traffic over Hangzhou, capital of east China's Zhejiang Province, late Wednesday, the municipal government said Thursday.
Xiaoshan Airport was closed after the UFO was detected at around 9 p.m. and some flights were rerouted to airports in Ningbo and Wuxi cities, said an airport spokesman.
Links are flying up everywhere - 
ATS chat thread is off the hook


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NPR Covers EU Lawmaker's Plea to Open UFO Books

Are the Europeans just nuts?  Maybe that will be the question posed in my next poll (Reminder: don't forget to vote on the current poll!) because yet another UFO related story from our friends across the Atlantic.  Now a Italian lawmaker who is part of the Euro parliament is urging governments to let the info out!  This needs more press and support from everyone in the parliament, but so far only a baker's dozen have opened their faith pan. 

Ok - so the article itself doesn't really say much else, but the comments section sure is a good read.  Here's the first bunch of bumbling idiots to step forth with their opinions last night...

Comments section:

The most interesting thing about UFOs, if it should turn out they are real, would not be "What are they doing here?" As scary a question as that would be, it would PALE in comparison to "How did they get here?".

It's a long way.

The point to take home is, Knowing something is possible, which a real E.T. Spacecraft would demonstrate, is 90% of doing it too.

I say, open the files. Let's see what is SO secret. It's probably just a fancy new airplane. But let's see.
Wednesday, July 07, 2010 9:07:28 PM

X-Files is the best show ever.
Wednesday, July 07, 2010 8:36:57 PM

I really can't understand why some people would think this guy is crazy for this, I think what he's doing is a good thing and can't understand why anyone would think otherwise. The government, which is supposed to be serving the people, should not be hiding any secrets from anyone, especially regarding UFO's. If there's an unidentified flying object somewhere then the public has a right to know about it. Let's remember that a UFO doesn't just have to be a spacecraft from another planet as that's what the term has become associated with the most, it can apply to anything, including military objects. I don't like the idea of the military testing possibly dangerous things in the sky and then the government covers it up ... most UFO's are exactly that. And even if there are odd things that have been seen that even the government can't explain, we have a right to know about that too.
Wednesday, July 07, 2010 8:34:42 PM

I agree, I think there should be transparency in regard to UFOs.
Wednesday, July 07, 2010 8:26:23 PM

It does not matter how many appeals are made to the European union or the United Nations assembly. It is the US military/intelligence apparatus (CIA/NSA/ONI/AFI etc etc) that is preventing the disclosure. They will attack anyone who attempts to reveal the secrets about aliens – stopping at nothing including murder and torture. Only when that community is willing, will the secrets be revealed. See http://www.sentforlife.com/theufocoverup.html for more info
Wednesday, July 07, 2010 7:53:12 PM

Kind of scary that the people we let run the world are this delusional.
Wednesday, July 07, 2010 7:42:38 PM

Nate is an alien....
Wednesday, July 07, 2010 7:41:40 PM

Please do not listen to Phillip..... Contiue to rip on anyone you please. That is all.
Wednesday, July 07, 2010 7:30:51 PM

See NPR listeners, the Europeans are crazy, too, so you can back off your constant abuse of the good people in Montana and Idaho.
Wednesday, July 07, 2010 7:06:23 PM

Seems at least one member of the EU parliament watches too much TV...
Wednesday, July 07, 2010 7:00:18 PM

The fact that there are secret files makes people wonder if there is something to it. If the gov't. says there are no UFO's then why the secret files. Just get it out there, let people decide for themselves what to believe in.
Wednesday, July 07, 2010 6:53:49 PM


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Magic Hop: Summer Jam Session

When people look at me they don't think hip-to the-hop, more like slow-to the-ground, but I knows some good music that can make people dance when I hears it. 

The Fine Art of the Summer Jam Vol. 1 by tront


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Out of this world, out of our minds

From a New York Times article....

HOW did you celebrate World U.F.O. Day?
You didn’t?
Dang. Nobody seems to remember any more that July 2, 1947 was the day of the Roswell crash in the New Mexico desert (a spacecraft from another world, say some; a test balloon, says the government) that became the touchstone for those who believe aliens have come to Earth.

Check out Stardrive

Part 1

Part 2