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Killeen, Texas 2012

Planes or UFOS?


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Well Said, Norio (A UFO state of the union of sorts..)

AMERICA'S UFO SUB-CULTURE......why it continues to affect a segment of the population Here is my newly revised view on 'Ufology' and Conspiracies. I take a healthy, skeptical position on the subject matter, without becoming a debunker. I am still very open.
I still keep an open stance on everything because life itself is a mystery and there could be things in this world that we still do not understand. We still do not know fully what 'reality' is. I am not recanting but am simply taking a more rational approach to 'Ufology' as well as to the never-ending speculations about global conspiracies. My favorite quote is from an English comic book writer, Alan Moore, who said that: “The main thing that I learned about conspiracy theory is that conspiracy theorists actually believe in a conspiracy theory because that is more comforting. The truth is that the world is chaotic. It is not the Jewish banking conspiracy or the grey aliens or the 12-foot reptilians from another dimension that are in control. The truth is more frightening: Nobody is in control. The world is rudderless” I have spent more than 50 years in 'Ufology', including many years investigating Area 51 in Nevada. I also spent many years attempting to investigate and getting to the bottom of the never-ending allegations that there is an underground base in Dulce, New Mexico. I now reside in New Mexico and visit the Dulce area from time to time. I have recently come to a sobering, personal conclusion that there doesn’t appear to be any single, solid, tangible and irrefutable documentary evidence whatsoever that we have ever been (or are being) visited by physical extaterrestrial aliens in physical alien spacecraft of any kind. Yet, so many questions still remain. Moreover, the belief in such remains persistent, among a segment of the population. Why? I have nothing against those who are in what I describe as the ‘paranoia industry’ (authors, promoters and conference speakers) that continue to benefit from a segment of the population’s persistent beliefs in UFOs, Aliens and Conspiracies. I respect everyone’s right to make a living somehow. It will go on and on….because, let’s face it, it is all part of America’s UFO sub-culture. -from Norio


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FOUR (4) Gas Masks Found @ Aurora Crime Scene!

Shocking information today at the Colorado trial for James Holmes. Prosecution displayed pictures (I think from his iphone) of the alleged shooter with a smile, gun barrels and the "Just Me" pic of his arsenal all neatly aligned on his bed. James Holmes, this is going to be difficult to explain, of course, but with the way the facts have been altered in this case up to this point, nothing surprises me. The toothy smile with the black contacts probably looks really menacing, but then again, is the fact his pupils (haven't seen these, but just surmising...) are hidden... well that still is within the game plan if you are trying to piece together a possible drugging/patsy type tactical order of deliverance. Oh, I guess that may just be bloviation if any of the other 7 pictures revealed today show his eyes without the contacts.  The evidence is incredible, and that is exactly was the prosecutors need for this incredible incident. The images are no-bueno for James. As we already know, the defense is sticking with the oddly built story about James booby-trapping his apartment, and tipping off the police to this fact when he was apprehended at the crime scene. There's a CNN video that states no bombs or such devices were actually found at the scene, from the day of the shootings, if you haven't seen it, check it out because you should be well-informed. How would CNN report that? If you seek out the weird, you'll find it in the Aurora shooting case.
Interestingly, this evidence was not the mind-blowing revelation offered at today's hearing. There were four gas masks at the crime scene. Four. One Two Three Four.  Which masks belonged to James Holmes, you ask?  Well, it just gets weirder, as it appears one of the coppers picked up(!) one of the masks, and walked away.  It's not clear yet as to where the mask was returned.  Say what?  Just getting warmed up, folks.  This case is going to be exhausting.

FMPU Grim Thought of the Day:
By the way, just another passing question of darkness in my head.  If James was so interested in taking pictures of his toothy self, and the structure of movie theater from the inside, why didn't he take any pictures of his bomb setup?  Pretty sure the FBI took them during the discovery, but if he was so happy with his arsenal to snap off a few, why not commemorate an elaborate bomb setup? 


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Conspiracy Alert: Sandy Hook

The Sandy Hook Elementary shooting is a lie. A false-flag event to stir fear, controversy, economic relief and possibly was even created to further demonize guns in America. You smell that? It's a conspiracy cooking right here in your country! Surprising that I'd find this link @drudgereport, but there was a point last month when I threw my hands up over my head and screamed from my computer room - "THAT'S IT! I CAN'T READ ANY MORE OF THIS SHIT IF MEDIA KEEPS DOING THIS 1984 BULLSHIT ON US, DAY IN AND DAY OUT!" Yeah, I went a little mental but for a good reason. The Sandy Hook Elementary shooting was faked. DallasGoldBug, hated as well as lauded for his interesting work in the conspiracy arena, made good sense here. I recommend you go check out his eclectic videos that I always find interesting. Before Sandy Hook my favorite connection he made was that Victoria Jackson and Roseanne Barr is the same person. Sure I got laughed at, but it makes all the sense in the world. Then today, Memory Hole's James Tracy's blog post made it to the mainstream media portal that got 11 billion hits in 2013. There ya go, Drudge! In his epic post, the Sandy Hook "shooting" gets torn apart. How else can it be said, this was a scam perpetuated by the media, and the locals over there in that sick town in Connecticut. The mainstream audience believes, Tracy says, "corporate media reports and interpretations" that have shooter Lanza as the sole gunman while the facts from the earliest on-scene reports reveal a very different tale. The thought that this whole thing, as many other truly shocking stories throughout the years, was part of a bigger, controlled plan that required a level of complicity by media and more is actually gaining steam. The lies continue, like most of the shootings is just filled with so much distortion, story lines, plot twists that the chances of this "conspiracy" to ever be fully revealed remain tiny. Shocking? Yeah, I know.


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Here We Go Magic

Here We Go Magic picked up John Waters in their tour bus while he was hitchhiking along their tour route in Ohio.


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The Corbett Report: Meet Zbigniew Brzezinski, Conspiracy Theorist

As usual, we turn our bright, bewildered, tired eyes upon what appears to be sincere journalism. The Corbett Report has done quite an interesting job at presenting alternative media to those interested, with flare, enthusiasm and -- gasp -- credibility(?). Here we have a piece that walks with fire, burning eternal, shining bright. Or so we hope, or until Mr. Corbett rips off his rubber face to reveal Batman's next villainous foe. Enjoy.


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Morpheus' Magical News

Just came across a good site and found it was interesting enough to pass along. Rune Soup has a fantastic post from earlier in 2012.  Among the many great links I found here is as good a theory as any I've seen before discussing how the pyramids of Egypt were built.

Is this how the pyramids were built?
Okay so… this is one of the few topics I am not a complete, massive idiot in or dickbag about. Maybe.
Ignoring everything else, the construction of the Giza complex is fundamentally an engineering enigma. After almost twenty years of looking at this and scoffing at the feeble “explanations”, a project manager from Derby has -in my estimation- come the closest to a working theory that doesn’t involve aliens or antigravity. (This is an example of the thing I love most in the British make-up; a weird, nerdy obsession that comes out of a package holiday… a voracious, post-Benidorm amateurism.)
Please watch both videos and give feedback. I’d genuinely love to hear your thoughts. A couple of things to note:
  • The Giza causeways down to the Nile are at weird angles that haven’t been satisfactorily explained. In fact, the magical purpose of the causeways hasn’t been satisfactorily explained. This is one explanation for them.
  • He doesn’t mention it in the video but there is a reasonable amount of written source material to indicate that the pyramid workforce was seasonal: it was farmers who had nothing to do during the inundation period… which is precisely the moment in the year that this whole theory hinges on.