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Gerald Ford's UFO Legacy

Read about Gerald Ford's attempt to get answers for us about UFOs.

A great read!


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Cocaine Traces Found On 94% of Spanish Currency

Spain is the European port of choice for cocaine traffickers. As the price plummets, the demand (as well as the number of users) will skyrocket.
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National UFO Reporting Center
Sighting Report
Occurred : 12/13/2006 20:35 (Entered as : 12/13/2006 20:35)Reported: 12/14/2006 9:07:03 AM 09:07Posted: 12/14/2006Location: Newport, CAShape: DiskDuration:10 min.

Young woman, and her boyfriend, witness a bizarre dis-shaped obj. hovering nearby.Telephoned Report: A mother calls to recount her daughter's experience in Newport, CA.The daughter was driving with her boyfriend, when the two of them observed a large disc hovering motionless beside the road. It appeared to them to have a distinct "bulge" on the top side of the object, and it had flashing green and blue lights along the edge of the flange of the object.The boyfriend stopped his car, and the young woman (age 22 yrs.) attempted to photograph the object with her digital camera. When the flash of the camera flashed, the object suddenly shot toward the witnesses, passing over their car. They both heard a peculiar buzzing or humming, as it passed over.Daughter reported to her mother that there were an estimated 10 other vehicles stopped on the same road, and that at least one police cruiser also was present.Mother telephoned the Newport Police Department, but the police did not volunteer that any incident had been reported to their offices.NUFORC is awaiting a written report from the two witnesses.


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So I Contributed To Yahoo Answers!

(Whoever asked has very poor spelling ability, but I felt like answering.)

Why do some people think that the tapping of the man on the moon is a fake?? They think it was taped in a movie studio. Why dont they belive that there was really a man on the moon in the 1960's ?

My Answer:
Resolved?FAR FROM IT. The moon landing could have been faked for many reasons, the one thing proponents of the landing never seem to satisfy the reasoning WHY we can't go to the moon now even if we tried. The science was not there in the 60's and now we are only getting to the point where getting there is a possibility. The urgency of getting to the moon is far greater than people believe, so why not just go there now if we have the potential? Because we just might not be there just yet. Otherwise there is not a damn reason to believe we need to wait another 12 or 14 (or whatever rediculous number) years to get there.

Engineering, especially in the technological realm, has expanded over itself RELENTLESSLY since the 50s and 60's, how in the world can it be reconciled that getting to the moon couldn't be done in a quarter of the 10 year time it took back in the 60's to achieve such a mission? HOW?

This all fine and good, but also explain how the greatest event in the HISTORY of mankind- and NASA (government space agency) loses the original taps? No, there isn't tapping on the moon due to it's having 1/6th the gravity of earth, and there is reason to believe NO human has indeed stepped on the moon. Or we'd have the tapes.I'm not convinced we have been there 100%, but i'd like to believe we did and i believe a landing in the future is going to happen (again?).

And what makes it such a tough decision to make this a CO-OP scenario with other countries to make this happen EVEN FASTER??? I think this mission is opening up to other countries, but I doubt America could have beaten the rest of the world to the moon without their help. Golly, look at our horrible cars for heaven's sake.


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Another UFO Sighting.

This one in Wyoming...

Mysterious object brightens Wyoming night sky
Deputies with the Natrona County Sheriff's
Department responded to numerous calls of a large fireball streaming through the
night sky early Friday morning, but were unable to find any trace of the
object.According to the sheriff's office, several county residents in the Muddy
Mountain and Bates Creek areas on Casper Mountain called to report a large,
flaming object traveling eastward at a high rate of speed at approximately 6:50
a.m.Sgt. Mark Sellers said a caller described it as an aircraft on fire, but the
airport had no reports of aircraft in the area and no emergency beacons sounded.
Others thought it was a meteorite or a UFO.Sheriff's deputies searched the
mountain but couldn't find any evidence of the object's impact.


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NEWZ! you've heard it by now, so here's a picture of WATER, liquid water, on the surface of mars. it's flowing, it's there, it's waiting for us to arrive.

imagine taking that first bath in martian water. ahhh. and you're worried about the cold? could richard hoagland be correct in suggesting there are surface temps around 50f degrees?

50 ain't to bad after flying in space for 6 months. i'm hoping thats a valid estimate.


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UFO crashes into Russia. Attention immediately diverted from horrific murder of spy!

An unidentified flying object has crashed in Krasnoyarsk Region, Siberia, causing a forest fire, the RIA-Novosti news agency reported on Friday.

The crash took place in the taiga between the towns of Yeniseisk and Lesosibirsk, the agency said quoting the local Interior Ministry directorate. The crash was reported by local villagers and traces of forest fire can be seen on the site. Air traffic officials said that no aircraft were scheduled to fly in the region at the time of the crash and no air vessels were missing.

A group formed of police investigators, representatives of the Transport Prosecutors Service and representatives of the aircraft safety watchdog Rosavianadzor has started to the site of the crash from Krasnoyarsk.

Local Emergencies Directorate has sent a helicopter to the site.

Sabah, Turkey

of course nothing was found...

but make sure you the ORIGINAL report and compare:

people apparently are talking, which is a good thing:

finally, a news article facing a probable scenario:
KavKaz Center News


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This is a good one:

When, not IF the aliens attack!

though this is coming a kook source it's noteworthy because it is in several online publications big and small.

here it is again:

More on Pope aliens

and here finally, since you really deserve it, is information on the author:

Nick Pope


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ESA say BITCH SLAPS cydonia's Face On Mars!

'Face on Mars' in Cydonia

that's about it. it's a big ol' rock. go back to watching star trek.

Mars 'face', perspective

a new perspective. you can see the deep groove where the left eye is. also you can see where the nostrils are. however, this is just a weathered rock.

and the original...

'Face on Mars' illusion


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wanna own property in space?

millions say YES, but nobody seems to agree that the Lunar Embassy has the right to sell parcels of land.


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The Pluto Plot (how I learned to love the dumbfucks at NASA)
By: chet in glendale village

This summer's Pluto extravaganza has come at an extraordinary cost. Both toward a living part of the Pluto adventure and also as a new emerging theory that the mission to Pluto was in fact never a real mission.

Moon freaks, remember you best arguement yet? It's taken us soo long to go back to the moond because we don't really care about the boring moon! Been there, done that!

Holy crap I wish you could hear yourselves when you speak. Pluto is a giant ice cube. And what the hell are they going to explore out in Pluto that could POSSIBLY be of any use to us? Even if they found the cure to aids on Pluto, what the hell would we do then? I'm sure politcians would say something like "well, it's very costly and ya know going all that way back to Pluto might not be worth it if all we found was the cure to aids. Besides our scientists are pretty close to an aids breakthrough here on earth."

We're not even going to get data from the New Horizons craft until 2015, the earliest it's to arrive in the Pluto area. New Horizons also carries 24 pounds of Plutonium. Of course you remember the protests to not send off that ship due to the risk involved.

Of course you even had some tin hats warning us New Horizons was star wars in full effect.


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Pink Floyd Director Has Original Moon Landing Tapes?

if you had any doubts about the moon landing, read the above and continue being a skeptic.

HOW oh HOW can this land in the hands of someone who makes a living out of tinkering with video and expect us to really believe he "FORGOT HE HAD IT" ??????


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Missile? UFO? You tell me.

HILO » The FBI and the Transportation Security Administration are investigating sightings of an object resembling a missile flying over the Hilo Airport area Tuesday morning, Hawaii County Civil Defense said.

Reports gave opposite descriptions of its direction and widely varying estimates of its size.

The largest estimate was about 12 feet long, and the smallest was one foot. One report said it was headed over the airport's main runway, but another said it was headed north from Hilo, away from the airport.

Civil Defense official Lanny Nakano said the federal agencies classified the sighting as unconfirmed. The FBI and TSA did not return requests for comment.

Nakano, reading from notes from another Civil Defense official, said it was seen at 10:18 a.m. headed away from the airport.

But an eyewitness, who asked that his name not be used, told the Star-Bulletin he saw it heading from the Civic Auditorium area to the Keaukaha area, which would take it over the main runway.

That witness saw a silver tube with no markings or fins, trailing "vapor" that quickly dispersed.

"The noise was super-loud," he said.

Police also interviewed about a half-dozen witnesses who saw or heard it, said police spokeswoman Chris Loos.

Loos and the nameless witness said there were plane flights before and after the object was sighted, but the object did not appear connected to their presence.

At Pohakuloa Training Area, 30 miles to the west, spokesman Bob McElroy said there were no military exercises using missiles.


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So... you got an hour and a half to spend watching a video?

What if I told you the developments of this video shed light on the past 40 years of history ALLL the way from the assassination of JFK to our present leader GW Bush?

Unbelieveable how relevant this video is to EVERYTHING political. History books need to be corrected due t0 all this information. The DIS-information in the education of the assassination of JFK is outstanding and keeps people in the dark.


you won't be sorry - in fact you'll be intrigued at how the information gets played out.

Lies throughout our current history have really torn the world to shreds and for what? Check this video out and prove the bogus information to be right for yourself.


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i'm wondering....

today about a lot of things.

i can't get it off my mind that there are people ahead of me in the search for ET life.

some say this bush deal has do with e.t. research

some say there are signs everywhere - including seti, and thanks to the kind folks of microsoft for allowing all this stuff happen in such a short span of time.

think about it if you will. if you're a gen x'er like me, i've got the beastie boys i got freak like that and there are days when i'm losing my mind that's right it's summertime and i think i'm losing my mind.

in such a short time people, we've gone from a beautiful planet to a place overridden by debris and cigarrette butts. poetic indeed! yes it's time to take off on a trip to your outer limits.

tonight the goodyear blimp flew above my house. just what do they do again? yikes!

flying object coming at us during the first week of july (the 4th being the best) - its the iss spacestation that will be floating across the sky. you CAN check the nasa website if you want to know when it'll be flying over your neighborhood.

even though it seems like i've had my head turned upward a bit more of late...

it's good to know it's not JUST me.

it's not just me who walks around, waiting. looking. waiting. where is the next disaster going to strike? will we have an earthquake? will the ufo's make themselves seen?

we can wait... but what kind of life is that anyway?


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mysterious death!

famous aerospace writer Michael A. Dornheim was found in his crushed honda at the bottom of a ravine in the santa monica mountains earlier this month.

he told his friends while finishing dinner at the saddlepeak lodge he was going to take the canyons out to the 101 freeway and onward to his home in westlake village. well- his car went the complete opposite direction and wound up down a 500 foot canyon.

he was one of those guys you'd never really know by name due to the nature of our science-dumb country, but you may have seen him on tv explaining incredibly difficult concepts in easy to understand english.

his death will remain a mystery - but there are theories floating around the internets.

rip, brotha.


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what are the planets of the solar system named after?


roman gods.

you're smart!
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ever hear of the Vrill Society?

i had only heard of it once or twice before, but never read anything about it.

sounds like bullshit, the reading is simply fascinating fun.

check this stuff out. don't worry - if you only read French there's a French translator on this site.

bon voyage.
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Asteroid (2004 XP14) is an asteroid making it's closest pass by the earth june 27th. it will only be 1.1 distance from the moon (basically, same distance as moon is from earth) so you'll hear more about it next week.

i think even nostradamus spoke about this, though i'd be suprised. this asteroid is creating a lot of talk around town. should we have a better defense strategy against such objects? a little closer and we'd get bombed.


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this guy seems to think YEAH! i wish they'd fly a little south so i could get a glimpse.


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World Food Bank!

i predict

You're gonna take a walk in the rain
And you're gonna get wet
(I predict)

You're gonna eat a bowl of chow mein
And be hungry real soon
(I predict)

Are my sources correct
(I predict)

They're gonna find the Queen is a man
But they really don't care
(I predict)

Lassie will prove that Elvis and her
Had a fleeting affair
(I predict)

Are my sources correct
Are my sources correct
Yes, I know they're corect
(I predict)

And if you say your prayers
You'll never lose your hair
(I predict)

L.A. is safe
Ain't gonna quake
Ain't gonna quake
(I predict)

And somebody's gonna die

But I can't reveal who

Cold beer will cure a cold
Cold beer and pretzels, takes care of cancer
Moscow will march to France
They'll do the Can-Can Dance
Don't worry, it'll work out
Maxim's will throw them out

They're gonna stop Saturday night
So you better have fun now
(I predict)
They're gonna stop having the sun
So you better get tan now

And this song will fade out
And this song will fade out
And this song will fade out
(I predict)


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Evolution of Dance

yeah yeah. i'm stuck on youtube videos.

shuddup and dance.


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sorry dorks. no meteor contact!

? wtf ?

yeah sometimes we dreamers fall outta bed but this is another stinky story leading to false hope and more uncertainty.

scientist revokes his claim!! (read that)


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as predicted by me:

earthquake in CALIFORNIA!

yeah it's true, i knew what was next when i saw 50+ quakes hit alaska a couple days ago.

imagine if it was a 7.0 magnitude? san francisco NEVER would have got the warning.

still not mad?

wake up!


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there seems to be an ever growing rise in conspiracy theories. in times of social and political uncertainty, history shows us this is usually the case.

if you can look up in the sky tonight in los angeles, you'll see one of the clearest skies in years. thank you.

con trails are seemingly gone today! los angeles can be seen! and though i couldn't read the hollywood sign from my car driving on martin luther king jr. dr., i could make out the hills which was still pretty good. smog's a bitch.

last night and today there we over 50 earthquakes in alaska. that's a lot and it's kind of making me wonder if there might be some travelling down here to l.a. before too long. it is getting to earthquake season.

50 quakes is an anomoly.

don't be scared.

be more scared of NOT being given facts about those damn ufo sightings. there's just no proof i suspect for anyone yet .

here's a link to a teacher's flickr account who got fired because her lesbian lover threw these pictures on the net. oh damn. the links not working at this moment. i'll leave it here in case it comes back.


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ok - so i leave this town for ONE fucking weekend and all hell breaks loose in Norway!

A-bomb style!

As usual we are not treated to continuous updates, I'll save you time, don't even bother checking google cuz it's the same reports issued on the 9th. I want real time updates on this shit!

Remember the UFO sighting in Africa late last month with MANY witnesses???? Nothing as of yet suggests we'll ever get the facts but I hope this changes.

The people deserve better. Demand it!

There's stuff falling out of the sky all the time and with the knowledge we have in this time it's better we are ALL informed instead of the measly few.

Does anyone out there in blog-land have any good books on UFO research and CIA documentation?

I'll be adding comments soon but if you wanna email me in the meanwhile - feel free dude and dudesses- valleysmartass @ yahoo . com


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MICKEY MOUSE is an incredible song performed by legends of rock pop.

sparks are legendary not only in my mind but of every fan who has ever been lucky enough to see them live or investigate their lyrics, which remain, hands down, better social commentary than anyone in their genre. ever.

embracing change and rolling with the times helped ron and russell mael maintain a stronghold on empowered little furry creatures to overcome the many attempts at extermination. these days, more and more a famous mouse will come to mind due to their tireless efforts to remain in the mainstream. their plight has been bolstered, and in many respects enhanced in great part to the song Mickey Mouse.

they say it's the little things in life that matter most, so next time you see a mouse in the house... or on the highway... or burrowing in a mall animal shop...

give them some love. they will respect that more than anything.