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2011 Under Reported Stories


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The Gods Must Be Crazy Redux

Oh so awesome when stories of weird sightings and findings happen upon the major media websites. Today we are treated to a story from Nambia where a odd looking metallic ball was discovered to have fallen out of the sky. Described as a "metal alloy known to man" and weighing in at about the size of my last girlfriend's bowling ball (approx. 13 pounds). Speaking of, I always would urge her to bump up to a larger sized ball, maybe 14 or 15 lbs., as she would find that she'd get more pin action out of it, but then we broke up due to unrelated developments. The bowling ball object was found in November and studied for possible trace elements or explosives that might be dangerous, but these tests were negative.


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Conspiracy Alert: Ivan Heyn

Heyn was promoting policies of Christina Kirchner, president of Argentina.  For those of you out there in conspiracy land remember, Christina's husband died in a sudden heart attack last year.

Her recent efforts include prosecuting the Nazi-related right-wing generals who staged the 1976 Argentina coup d'etat and tortured and killed tens of thousands of Argentines, and redistributed their orphaned children.

It sounds like a "shot across the bow" but just ambiguous enough to send a message without looking like an overt murder.

We don't spin shit here!

The Undersecretary for Foreign Trade was found hanged in his hotel room at the Mercosur summit in the Uruguayan capital, Montevideo.

Kirchner is under watch, as it was reported that she is not taking this news very well.

Suicide or not, world politics is so fucked up.


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Wait, you don't know this album by The Stranglers?  Well even you do, enjoy the video...


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California's Underground Base List

Was just briskly browsing around and found an interesting list of underground bases at ufo.whipnet.   One of these days I'll go on a hiking excursion to one of these.

1: 29 Palms, California 
Tunnels to: Chocolate Mts., Fort Irwin, California (possibly one more site due west a few miles)
Notes: Some Alien autopsies said to have been performed at 29 Palms.
2: Benicia, California
3. Catalina Island, California Tunnels to: I was told by someone who worked at the Port Hueneme Naval Weapons Division Base in Oxnard that they have heard and it is 'common rumor' that there is a tunnel from the base to this Island, and also to Edwards Air Force Base, possibly utilizing old mines. .
4. China Lake Naval Weapons Testing Center
5. Chocolate Mountains, California Tunnels to: Fort Irwin, California
6. Death Valley,California Function: The entrance to the Death Valley Tunnel is in the Panamint Mountains down on the lower edge of the range near Wingate Pass, in the bottom of an abandoned mine shaft. The bottom of the shaft opens into an extensive tunnel system
7. Deep Springs, California 
Function: Supposed home to alien species working with government
Tunnels to: Death Valley, Mercury, NV, Salt Lake City
8. Edwards AFB, California Function: Aircraft Development - antigravity research and vehicle development
Levels: Multiple
Tunnels to: Catalina Island Fort Irwin, California Vandenburg AFB, California
Notes: Delta Hanger - North Base, Edwards AFB, Ca. Haystack Buttte - Edwards, AFB, Ca.
9. Fort Irwin, California (also reported detainment camp 
Tunnels to: 29 Palms, California Area 51, Nevada Edwards AFB. California Mt. Shasta, California
10. Helendale, California Function: Special Aircraft Facility
Helendale has an extensive railway/shipping system through it from the Union Pacific days which runs in
from Salt Lake City, Denver, Omaha, Los Angeles and Chicago
11. Lancaster, California Function: New Aircraft design, anti-gravity engineering, Stealth craft and testing
Levels: 42
Tunnels To: Edwards A.F.B., Palmdale
12. Lawrence-Livermore International Labs, California The lab has a Human Genome Mapping project on chromosome #19
and a newly built $1.2 billion laser facility
13. Moreno Valley, California Function unknown
14. Mt. Lassen, California Tunnels to: Probably connects to the Mt. Shasta main tunnel.
Notes: Two alien races living inside mountain.
15. Mt. Shasta click for photo of rays coming out of cave).
Function: Genetic experiments, magnetic advance, space and beam weaponry.
Levels: 5
Tunnels to: Ft. Irwin, California North (maybe to Klamath Falls or Crater Lake, or both.
16. Napa, California Functions: Direct Satellite Communications, Laser Communications. Continuation of Government site.
Levels: Multi-level
Tunnels to: Unknown
Notes: Located on Oakville Grade, Napa County, Ca. 87 Acres
17. Needles, California Function unknown
18. Palmdale, California 
Function: New Aircraft Design, anit-gravity research
19. Tehachapi Facility (Northrop, California - Tejon Ranch
Function: Levels: 42
Tunnels to: Edwards, Llona and other local areas
Notes: 25 miles NW of Lancaster California, in the Tehachapi mountains.
20. Ukiah, California Function unknown


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Edgar Mitchell Pussies Out, Gives NASA Camera Back

Edgar Mitchell, possibly the most outspoken of the NASA moon landing astronauts was originally set on selling a camera that was given to him as a token of appreciation for his dedicated service to the government.  The data acquisition camera was up for auction at the asking rate of $60-80 grand.  Unfortunately, Mitchell's handy Apollo 14 tool was ripped back by NASA, who claimed the equipment was still, technically, their property.  Initially, Mitchell was fighting the good fight to be able to maintain custody of the item, but eventually succumbed to the legal pressure and settled.

Mitchell likes to talk to the media about aliens, UFOs, etc. in his life since the 1971 landing.

NASA wins again.  Dammit.


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Emporer X (America's 1st "hit" Tumblr band) - Bashling

So in Los Angeles and everywhere there exists something known as the hipster. They are smart and they are difficult to pin down to a wall but for an interesting reason. They have a raw type of ambition that is beyond any DSM diagnosis, or is it? They can only keep em happy for so long until they blow the lid off some of the lucky few who see them when they are broke.

From their damn website:
Songwriter and noise pop saboteur Emperor X traded his pursuit of a master's degree in physics for the life of an underground minstrel. For the past 10 years, C.R. Matheny has been traveling the country playing all ages shows and punk houses while self-releasing a string of albums that have quietly built him a devoted cult following. The Riverfront Times calls him a "heartfelt, imaginative song canon." Prefix Mag says, "Emperor X seems to be pioneering a musical style that combines the most effective elements of lo-fi recording, analog electronics and formula rock . . . the songs are fantastic." Emperor X's ambitious geo-caching art project The Blythe Archives garnered spontaneous acclaim across the Internet when he released GPS coordinates that sent fans around the world in search of one of a kind recordings buried under the ground.


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Is Work a Prison Sentence?

Here is the argument started by a poster on Above Top Secret (doctornamtab):

Yeah we need jobs. As much as we need a prison sentence. I hate jobs. Not just my job - its actually pretty sweet. But the effect of the job itself is what makes jobs such an awful nuisance to modern man. 
So here's where we find ourselves in this Great Repression or whatever the media is calling it. People are out of work. But the jobs they're applying for are precisely the problem. People talk about the housing bubble. What we have is an employment bubble. Its popped. We have no more room for useless jobs. But we have people who need that job in order to secure food and shelter. So what, precisely, is the problem? That we have people out of work or that these people need work to get food and shelter? 
Is unemployment even a problem if work wasnt intimately tied to food and shelter? Can we change the world for EVERY single worker in the world if we break the bond between work and food, between slaves and masters? 
Why am I upset at jobs? Because we don't need them anymore. If we think of how jobs came to be we realize that the work of our very survival needed to be distributed because, lets face it, life was hard when a horse and plow are your greatest technological innovations. If we all shared the work of survival it'd make a better life for everyone. Makes sense. I dig it. But now less than 1% of the US population grows food for the other 99% PLUS many other countries. I"d say the days of horse and plow are over. 
All recently created jobs are fulfilling artificial needs. The fastest growing industry in the past decade was the financial industry. Completely false and outside our realm of human needs. All jobs created since the 80s are like smoke. They're here for a little while, hanging in the air, but soon they dissipate. They're not sustainable because they're based on artificial, socially created "needs" like an HDTV, 401K, computers or fashionable clothing. The employment bubble burst long, long ago. We've created an entire economy on articifially created needs and ghost jobs, military spending and financial mathematic acrobatics. Now we're wondering why we're unemployed, hungry and angry? 
We're in this situation, not because of lack of jobs, but because there are TOO many jobs. We're OVER employed. We have more jobs than we have needs. The illusion prevailed until oil prices and a weakening dollar cause us to reevaluate our purchases. Maybe we didnt need a new truck this year. Maybe we dont need to go to Disneyland. And now the economy is scaling back because the poor dont have enough money to maintain the illusion. 
We're in this problem because we never really faced the problem: that our jobs simply provide us with money to buy food and shelter. At the end of the day, thats all that matters. Our survival, which is wrongly tied up with our jobs. 
So for a long time we've been creating jobs that are basically useless to us, survival wise. We're creating people with useless skill sets. I proofread financial statements - useless, utterly useless outside the rules of my particular society (America, 2011). The idea that jobs have some important social function is simply NOT a reality for most people. And the world only needs so many doctors, police and firefighters. So what are the rest of us to do in our useless, pointless jobs that merely exist to make some rich guy more money? How do we free ourselves? 
Well we could start by realizing that jobs turn our bodies into a debt that we must work to repay. Our hunger, our biological need for a warm place to sleep is used against us.. Our own bodies, our very own biological processes, are used as leverage to FORCE us to work. This is the truly sinister purpose of jobs. Slavery, dependece on the system. Its all about food. Ok lets start from the beginning. We used to work like this: 
work ---> food and shelter. This is commonly called slavery. Probably came about with the first farmer. Why farm it all himself when he can just pay other people a small amount of his crop, do nothing and still make it through the winter? 
Now we work like this: 
work ---> money ----> food and shelter. This is commonly called a job. We all know how these work. 
Now what has happened since the abolition of slavery? We've inserted a middle man (money) between us and our access to basic life necessities like food and shelter. So really, we just have slavery once removed. We're only ONE simple step from true slavery, the smallest step possible by the way. Not only that but our lives are even more controlled by the tyrrany of currency. By eradicating slavery we've actually made ourselves EASIER to control through work and jobs because if one controls the money one controls the labor power of the entire society. But we KNOW that. So why do we continue this charade? The illusion of choice. 
We also have the illusion of choice at our jobs. We think we're free because we get to pick our favorite flavor of slavery. But that doesnt change the fact that we all NEED jobs to live, to access basic life necessities. If you gave me three bowls of dog sh*t and told me I had to eat one to get food and shelter then yeah, I'm gonna eat the least sh*tty pile of sh*t. But that doesnt mean we're enjoying it or that we even had a choice. This is the sinister conspiracy to turn your hunger, your need for a warm home, into a debt that we MUST work to repay all the while convincing us that working at our sh*tty jobs was our choice. They want to make it seem like theres some greener pasture at some other company. They want us to believe the problem isnt with work in general but your workplace specifically. That its only YOU who dont like your job and YOU picked the wrong job. 
One last point and then I'm out. Prisoners. These people BREAK the law, are a danger to society, yet they get free food and shelter day in day out and dont work a single day. Now, if we can provide three meals a day, air conditioning and cable TV for PRISONERS, the murderers and rapists, why can't we provide it for all of us. We have plenty of food, remember 1% of the US farms for 99% of the rest. We have plenty of homes. Look down the street, how many are empty, for sale? How many people own TWO, THREE homes? We can provide food and shelter for all. Its there. We've simply been convinced we don't deserve it. 
Most people will read this and think I"m anti-labor or some sort of anarchist. Actually its quite the opposite. I"m so pro labor that I don't even think workers should be working. Shorter hours, benefits? Cmon, lets put our energy into something transfomative. If AFL-CIO is gonna fight a fight why not fight to reduce people's dependence on jobs instead of INCREASING people's dependence on jobs. Being pro-labor and fighting to get people "good jobs" and all that crap is like teaching a man to fish and giving him fish. Getting ONE person ONE job doesnt free ALL of society from jobs. It actually reinforces the exact system the AFL-CIO and pro-labor activists claim to fight. 
So over the next year when you hear campaign speech after campaign speech touting "JOB CREATION!!!" and "We're gonna put American back to work!" dont cheer like the mindless slave. Realize that to cheer on "job creation" is to cheer on our own slavery. We need a basic standard of living for all Americans regardless of their employability. Regardless of the useless skills they can offer a corrupt economy.
Follow this popular debate happening over at the ATT message board.  


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FMPU NEWS: Lee Harvey Oswalds Dame, rEvolution,

"Afraid for her own life after the JFK assassination, Judy dropped out of sight and lived a quiet life until her children were grown. Today, she continues to live in an undisclosed location overseas, but will make a rare North American public appearance to mark her former lover’s birthday and to continue her efforts to clear his name."
Ms. Baker will be at limited events in Toronto, Canada from Oct. 15 to 22, 2011, to schedule an interview:
US: Cheron Brylski, 504.897.6110, cbrylski(at)aol(dot)com
Canada/International: Kris Millegan, 541.744.0090, publicity(at)trineday(dot)net

And now a meaningful video that's gone viral...

Finally  a story from last week about a NASA spacecraft that has found an unusual three-planet system that consists of one super-Earth and two Neptune-size worlds orbiting a star similar to our sun, a new study reveals.  MORE HERE


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FMPU NEWS - Hollow Earth? Russia Avoiding UFO Attacks..

What's up UFO junkies?  Getting tired of all the global protests? Don't go down that easy, the world has a long way to go but in the meantime here's your daily fix.

More insight to the Hollow Earth Theory!  Yes, just when you felt a solid one building up from within, yet another video on a topic that refuses to die just pops up.  I have it on good information that at very least, the molten lava core that all the textbooks taught us about when we were in school is probably false.  To make the leap to thinking we are a hollow earth would be a major leap of faith, but nobody is stopping you!

What's up with PUTIN?  Says one website, the Russians are already prepared for an alien attack!  Yep, still not enough food to feed the Earth but we'll be ready to fight off them goddamn aliens!


Putin remains calm on the matter:  “The Gootans are no match for Russians.  I dare them to attack Russia. We will crush them.”

Sign up for intelligent life: Thousands petition Obama to reveal 'government secrets' about UFOs and extraterrestrials

More than 7,500 people have signed a petition asking the White House to 'formally acknowledge an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race and immediately release into the public domain all files from all agencies and military services relevant to this phenomenon.'

FINALLY, lets listen to more Clif High.  My last HIGH posting received mega hits, and as per usual, he's got the fantastic insider information. 


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One of my favorite bands and this is one of their best songs.  When will I see them live?


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The Meteors

I know you'll enjoy this one.

And while we're at it, I thought I'd share the new Jane's Addiction song, they kinda crept on me again too.  I'd like to know... too old?  I say no because Perry is a wise businessman with that Burning Man sensibility.  I'll get a towel to wipe that puke off my shoe.


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Cliff High and his Damn Webbot Project Update: All Are Psychic!

Anyone who gives Cliff High a listen usually gets le mind blowne.  Through proprietary algorithms, High delivers a oft-dark broadcast of events as they may happen based on the public consciousness.  Obviously you will want to visit the site for the details, or jump in one of them damn chat boards on ATS - whatever suits ya good.

Cliff gave this show a 2-hour rant loaded with useful information. 

Everything from the trends bucking the social and economic spectrum to the electric world  theory that continues to grow and much more gets the once or twice over.


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Keep KXLU ALive - Donate!

Well, if you don't live in L.A. you wouldn't know any better, so if you wanna give em a try, it comes highly recommended.  Tonight, and EVERY Friday late late  (Saturday early early) is Music For Nimrods at 3a.m.  (See!  Confusing if I say Saturday, but definitely NOT Friday night! DAMMMNNN YOOOOUUU REV DAN - fists in the air!) LIVE ON KXLU 88.9FM LOS ANGELES

Everyone from 15 to 85 years of age SHOULD be donating to L.A.'s ONLY source of free radio broadcasting.  They've launched many name brands, but their really cool claim to fame is that they are HATERS of KCRW. 

Even those Burning Man "burners" would learn a lesson or two but this is only speculation as I've never attended a single Burning Man event.  My evidence comes in the form of living amongst those LA hipsters (I saw thousands gathered at an event in Venice Beach last week...) and other low-forms.   Fucking believe it when I tell you FMPU is no stranger to these folk!  KXLU is FMPU approved and one of the few radio programming outlets deserving of that tag.

Why do I Care?  Oh man, you shouldn't ask those questions.


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Barry Goes to Denver and I'm Not Very Worried

So where I live in LA, I can usually take a walk over to see AF1 when our president comes to town.  This time was a little different as the plane was tucked neatly away, out of sight from us commoners.  It's probably a smart thing to do, there's a lot of nuts running around this town but not more here than in Arizona.

People read on the interwebs the konspiracy cites that mention the Prezi's visit to Denver a little too much, or is it too much?  Deep down it bothers me that they are conducting some weird operations in the streets of some of the fine towns within Colorado, but the way this is going down is just plain nuts.

What's really troubling is the shit falling out of the sky.  Folks don't think it's a satellite.  For example, we're referring to Argentina, of course.  Where something that fell from the sky has killed someone, and injured some 8 others.

I think what is troubling is that there is little doubt one of our government agencies, if not many, must have had this thing pinpointed to some degree.  Just not buying it.  I'd tell you more but I'm tired.


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Did NASA's Satellite Smash Argentina Yesterday?

Or was it a "gas explosion?"  You decide.

Translation from Argentinian news report about an explosion that took a life yesterday.  
 Of note:  None of the videos FMPU has read since this incident include ANY audio (much less in foreign languages...)
Residents say they saw a fireball in the sky before the explosion and a strange powder smell. In another report I was looking at the locals say there was no fire, only an explosive force, which is rather odd.
The fact occurred minutes before 2 o'clock in the morning, in a building located on the intersection of Luis Vernet and Los Andes, a town of Monte Grande, Esteban Echeverría partido.
The causes of the explosion are still unknown, but the residents of the place that witnessed the fact claim "a ball of fire fell from the sky". 
"Began to feel much smell as if it were to powder", he recalled one of the people living in the area in statements.
"There is no explanation for what happened," said Cayetano, a neighbor of the place, in statements to Radio 10, then add that "a neighbor ran because he saw a blue fireball falling".
The Commander of the local fire brigade headquarters, Guillermo Pérez, remarked that the causes of the incident are still not known, but acknowledged that the first version aims at an "object that fell from the sky".
"I heard that version, but I cannot claim her in the first instance." "We must address the expertise to actually see what happened," said in statements to Radio 10.
Perez confirmed that two houses and a trade "were completely shattered".
By the fact, one older woman who had been trapped under the rubble lost his life while six others managed to be rescued and were transferred to her attention to a local hospital, informed C5N firemen working in the place.
The victim is one of the people who lived in the building where the explosion was generated. With regard to the injured, three belong to that House and three others to the House lined, affected by the outbreak. All the injured are out of danger, said C5N.
According to the story of neighbors, the outbreak was felt even in localities adjoining as Ezeiza and Temperley, South of greater Buenos Aires.


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New Order hits FMPU

Just one more video for tonight to make sure you all know we here at FMPU still love you...  and while there may be things bursting out of the upper atmosphere and crashing down hard on our sands and in our hills and all over those big watery oceans  - we're so here, and making it an enjoyable ride during the process.

This is 11 minutes of just wow.

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DJ Shadow Gives YOU a 1st Listen

Never mentioned him on my blog that is half about the sonic enjoyment in my life and the UFO, science, and conspiracy tales that are of some interest to me.  But DJ Shadow is worthy of not having us try to peg him down as this or that - he's got skill and there is a lot of butter spread over his slice of musical bread to make you feel good while getting thrown in a hot toaster.

CLICK ON THIS LINK to hear his new album, in it's entirety.  Not sure how long this link will last, but have a go, K? 


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How come Elenin didn't break apart during prior passes through our galaxy?

It's already September 20th!  There are SOO many weird things happening this month, and most of it has happened since we've been following this comet Elenin. 

Personally, I've never believed Elenin to be more than a comet making it's way by Earth.   However, look at all those other weird things going on during September:

Reported Solar Flares - Don't forget there was an "unexplained" grid failure in Southern California this month (eventually blamed on butterflies!) right at the peak times of those reported SFs.

Russia and the whole ISS situation... (evacuation? wow)  The whole thing is odd and, well, it's very sudden and we get a rare glimpse of NASA in a state of nervousness. 

There was a crazy sighting over 3 states - a large, slowly moving orange/green meteorite thing that was even seen really clear here in L.A. -

Now we are told there is break aparts, date changes, its gone, no wait, its coming...

Then the Russian satellite is falling, don't forget about that.  Theoretically expected to break apart into 26 pieces...

And falling in to Earth, rather unannounced, on the 26th (later revised to a little soon, maybe the 23rd...)!

Oh then that little nugget of info in the news... Obama is going to be at the Denver Airport  in late September, too....  there happens to be a deep underground bunker at that location.


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NASA and a tactile dysfunction

Don't know what to believe about comet Elenin anymore? It's confusing, it's most likely nothing, so I'll just say it is both majestic and annoying.

Houston... do we have a problem? The conversation is getting interesting. Lotsa dumbass hillbillies, stoners, pseudo-philosophers, junior astronomers, LULz clansmen and AnonMinusSymbiological poseur-ifics having a go.

Seems weird that it would be "slowing up" as some folks have said, or even "breaking apart" as it's noted in the MSM.

Also, the more you go looking for this sort of unearthly, high interesting story, there's going to be mystery added because we basically no nothing about it. Don't hide in the sand, I'm off to San Diego for the day so enjoy yourselves.


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Archers of Loaf

Man, if you knew of this band, you were one of a few. They had slipped my mind until today, I may have only listened to them once or twice before. I find it amazing that so much of our present is only learned by getting a grip of the past and this helped me remember. Archers of Loaf... long time, no hear.


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Coment Elenin is breakin' up (it ain't easy to do)

So it's been nearly TWO months since seminal UFO blogger, Andre, over there at The Alien Project, has posted anything.  Obviously we wish for the best, but I'll say that when that guy is working on pushing forward the information, there is no slowing that cowboy.  His post on Comet Elenin was impressive, and now with just a few days until it's perihelion, he's been surprisingly quiet.  Of course there's a lot more than his information.  Latest news is that the comet is breaking down.  Is this going to be yet another false alarm?  It's beginning to feel eerily similar to that hurricane Irene (in fact they sound like sisters).  Last name, FAIL.

Lots of information like this Discovery article provides more important NASA revelations the comet won't have any effect on Earth in case you're preparing to go to underground bunker before her arrival.

Scientists are basing their thoughts about the comet's breakup on the fact that the comet's brightness has fallen by 50% over the last week, say scientists.

Then we got this weird video (legitimacy pending)... and don't forget, NASA just announced that it's going to get there to the Space Station and get those astronauts out in November, a story that I noticed being perpetually fed to us in the MM.

Intensified! Electrofried!

Let's see what happens, doesn't sound like we'll get the 9/10 views (or 911 views if you believe the conspiracy site's) of the comet. Meltdowsn in process?


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Great big FMPU thanks

Emailed one of my favorite podcasters during his show last night.  The topic, while not very defined is generally unusual, unsettling, offbeat, etc.  The stuff I like and more.  Except when this fool brings on his holy rollers.  And that's where this 911 truther/the sky is falling douche bag wants to take it.  So be it.  BUT... still... it's not as bad as he wants us to think. 

See this guy cashed out for gold several years ago, and now he's in a power position And has grown over the airways so he can't do no wrong, if ya following along.  And he spouts and grows his schtick and asks for people who don't want to call to email during his show.  Fine.

An invitation is an invitation!  So he brings on this horrible guest who is making some vile pitch about how fast things are moving, and technology won't allow us even a moment for a spot of tea.  The sky is falling and knowing Christ is the only way out, Mr. Roboto.

A sing song of a dance number that brings us back to that loop.  And why is this shit being told to us at breakneck speeds, with understandable audio trouble and such ... ?  Because he has some gold and can afford the payments?  Nah.  Why then?

And after an hour of listening to this babble,  Suitcase Sally looks up at me and asks "Why are you listening to this again, Mr. Jew dude?"  All I could assure her of in this life is that I will never give up the good fight.

So I did only what I thought was the right thing to do, and take Mr. Host up on his invite.  I sent an email stating that his guest is full of shit.

Get her off.

Message sent.

Here was the eloquent response I got from Mr. Host Man of Christ:
"why don't you go fuck yourself. how's that bitch"

How's that.  How's that?  Lemme say, I didn't expect anything, but at least I got that and knowing Mr Host Man of Christ it was just another stab that he took the wrong way because his sense of humor is caught up somewhere in his aural omnipresence.  I laughed, of course. No - err - WE laughed.  Dr. Joyce IS a Nostradamus, but it's a bad call to sell your audience out to the History Channel.  What a dork, I'm glad I called you on that.  I suppose it shows you can play with the devil in these ugly times, but the devil ain't shown his/her ugly head in my house since I stabbed and sauteed that bitch like a motherfucker years ago.

Donate a stick of gold to FMPU!

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Or buy bookS from our Amazon store...

New Gold Panning is Easy: Prospecting and Treasure Hunting (Treasure Hunting Text) 
Oh wait, I live in California and I don't think I can still get the Amazon affiliate money any more.  Oh that sucks so fucking bad.  Wahhh. 


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Stepped Away from them UFO Folk for a Minute

It's been a less than fantastic journey as far as my research into the ufo phenomenon is concerned. Fact is, I was busy producing a film festival this month, and last month I just didn't give a fuck because all the information I was reading about was similar to the point of - gasp - boring me to sleep every time I opened an article. Nothing helpful, nothing worthwhile. This covers the spectrum - from conspiracy theory to abductions, there's been nothing weirder than real life politics at the moment. That is where strange is.

Project Blue Beam might be the one exception. It's the story behind a possible faux ufo experiment that will supposedly be used to fuck with people. Well, now that that cat is outta the bag, we won't count on that one.

Also, lots of speculation about that damn Planet X, Niburu, and 2012 stuff going round. I should say on this front that I did go check out some Mayan ruins on the Yucatan peninsula in early August. Beautiful and sublime, but still no real stuff. Long podcasts and some other shows of interest have kept me afloat and informed makes up the balance of where I'm at of late.

Strange how taking a step back and turning away from all the information for a few weeks can really make a difference. Perspective, my friends. Perspective. And right now, I still have the open mind, but I don't have the desire to dig into past sightings. I've read the "biggies," but it's still the new "breaking" stories that give me any rise worth mentioning.

OH, also VERY sad to mention the passing of Mr. Bob Hopkins. He kept it interesting in his writing, but cancer has done in yet another important figure in the ufo research game. May he now find the answers to the questions he spent his life seeking.


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But I'm leaving again to go on vacation! It's the calm before the storm, so here's a good one to leave town (country) on...


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Sunday Music

Wow, what a lovely day in Sunny California today!  The weather was outstanding, and with all the shit going down in the world with natural disasters and tornadoes, it almost does not seem fair.  I did the best in my power to suck it all in anyway, not taking a moment of it for granted.  It's appreciated, loved, accepted.

I encourage viewing this video by MGMT.  Are we "fated to pretend" in our lives?  I didn't pretend today, but the words are important reminder to keep it that way.  Do something you love, easier said than done, but we all gotta try to figure out how.  I guess that's the inspiration I get from this song. 


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Decondition Yourself Now to the UFO Experience!

Post World War II images of the UFO are mixed up with the human psychology and psychonaut Terence McKenna went on many a journey to understand what sort of impact has already been made, and where the world of psychedelia will lead humanity in the future.  The world is at one of those confounding moments, a point that Terence eloquently outlines on this historical consciousness romp.

The UFO subject is really on the tips of the tongue of civilization.  Lately, everyone has an opinion, but more importantly, people are not as embarrassed to come on out and talk about it pro or con (or con job).

Here's a link to Lorenzo's site where he has added a 1982 Terrence McKenna talk on the topic of UFO.
Have a listen!

Decondition Yourself Now!

Part of doing that will guide you to this, perhaps the last print article about him written while he was still in this realm.  This will also give you his answer to the UFO or not  conundrum that is surging to the average person nearest to you in your booth seat at the local Denny's. 

Decondition Yourself Now!


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Magic Leak? JFK Demanded UFO Information in 1963

This all seems quite Dark Mission-like, no? When you think about it, 1963 was not that long ago.  Now that I have a little more perspective (on life, in general), it wasn't that long ago at all.  My dad told me of his fascination with the paranormal that began in the 1950s and around the time of JFK's assassination, he was in his mid-20s and remembers some rumors about a JFK/UFO connection. 
These days I find it interesting that a lot of folks who are pretty current with their politics, media and newsworthy activities to go along with their fantastic sense of history have been warning us commoners of a potential false-flag event.  So we weigh these things out and try to produce a valid conclusion.
The news about newly released memos with information JFK made demands to see UFO files just 10 days prior to his death can either be perfect evidence of our knowledge of UFOs, or worse, act as a perfect part of the facilitation method in creating the most believable alien attack ever.
Yeah, it's always such a difficult task to keep a level head about such news.  Right?  On the one hand we must consider all of the things JFK was in to, politically, at the time even before we sit down to the analyze the documents to figure out if they are real or forged.  That is first and foremost.  From there, one might be able to take it a million different directions.  What else still exists?  Why now?  JFK?  Some of the motives don't seem right, but then again, we've advanced, culturally, nearly 50 years on.   Even that is a question mark.  Everyone wanted a piece of the speed-freak JFK, so this could just be another event that took place during a very crowded time-line that lead to his fateful joyride in Arlington.  Cultural affairs, the space mission, money and banking, Marilyn and his much fabled sexual romps. 
We think on these things...


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Magic Pop: The Knife

Oh reminds of a million other songs, but I like those million other songs.  Puts me in a mood always.
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Magic Pop and Project Artichoke

CIA FILES - Operation ARTICHOKE - archive files

WWW.PAPERLESSARCHIVES. About BACM Research – PaperlessArchives.com

BACM Research/PaperlessArchives.com publishes documentary historical research collections....
Source material from Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), National Security Agency (NSA), Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), Secret Service, National Security Council, Department of Defense, Joint Chiefs of Staff, Department of Justice, National Archive Records and Administration, and Presidential Libraries.

"Manchurian Candidate" ARTICHOKE CIA Files - ARTICHOKE was the CIA'S cryptonym for the study and/or use of special interrogation methods that have been known to included hypnosis, drugs and total isolation. It grew out of the Agency's Operation BLACKBIRD and was a forerunner to the Agency's MKULTRA. Project ARTICHOKE also known as Operation ARTICHOKE was run by the CIA's Office of Scientific Intelligence. The project went deeper into interrogation methods studied in the CIA's Project BLUEBIRD.

ARTICHOKE offensive mind control techniques experiments attempted to induce amnesia and highly suggestive states in its subjects. ARTICHOKE focused on the use of hypnosis, forced morphine addiction, forced morphine addiction withdrawal, along with other drugs, chemicals, and techniques. The main focus of the program was summarized in a January 1952 CIA memo, "Can we get control of an individual to the point where he will do our bidding against his will and even against fundamental laws of nature, such as self-preservation?"

One program experiment attempted to see if it was possible to produce a "Manchurian Candidate." In Richard Condon’s 1959 novel "The Manchurian Candidate" an American soldier, who has been placed into a hypnotic state by Communist forces, returns home to assassinate on command. Five years earlier the CIA considered the possibility. A January 1954 CIA report asks the question, “Can an individual of [redacted] descent be made to perform an act of attempted assassination involuntarily under the influence of ARTICHOKE?”


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Stanley Kubrick Illuminati Conspiracy Lights Up Internet

Some of us actually already know the story with Stanley and his connectivity to NASA and other strange connections, but wow, times have changed since I just thought to myself "nobody will ever believe any of this!" I've found that after many years of finding out more deep insight into our dearest Kubrick's life that his involvement in a segment of society to weird to describe (others might be able to, but not me) has actually become mainstream information!

His connectivity to an inside world much different from the one we walk in daily has been described to me by people from various socio-economic backgrounds and ethnicity. Yeah, it's strange because if you do look at his most famous films, those movies were too good. We haven't seen anything like them since his passing. He did leave us with damn fine one, though heavily edited (slashed more like) "Eyes Wide Shut."

Red Ice Radio gets a visit from Jay Weidner and he has some fascinating information on our favorite director:

Ongoing threads at conspiracy sites are easy to find if you choose to dance.
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I have been humming this all week...

It's not summer, but I just can't shake this song from my brain. Orange popsicles and lemonade!


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Know Bashar ? Billions of parallel realities

Darryl Anka shares a bit about Bashar, and then starts the transmission.
Bashar starts to explains about the idea of simultaneity and the idea of linear space time. Try to make it to the 9th minute when the transmission begins, it's worth the price of admission (but you will still have plenty of opportunity to call bullshit before you go on to watch successive parts of the lecture or lectures):


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A Tiny Tim Double Whammy

Tiny Tim gives the man a saucer game...

Tiny Tim lounges up Stairway to Heaven...


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World Events in March 2011

Let me set the table. March is generally reserved as my favorite month of the year. The weather is perfect and warm here in L.A., it's my birthday month and I've traveled every March for the last 15 years. This year I celebrated the beautiful weather and my birthday. I visited Canada for the first time and went to Detroit to see a real-time ghost town. Nothing gets me down in March, and if you wanna see me in March you best reserve a time for next year. My men's basketball team in Culver City even won the championship last night for good measure.

But this year was different for many reasons. Seems like I haven't done any good sky watching in ages, and I keep watching devastating video footage from Japan, and so things aren't as great as most other years. The following video does a mediocre wrap-up of March 11 happenings. I'm not sure what the video is hinting at around the 7 minutes mark, but maybe you can help with that.


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Eligael (with another video of UFO-over-Jerusalem)

I was educated and eventually Bar-Mitzvah'd at an orthodox Jewish hebrew school out here in the San Fernando Valley in Cali and I do have a bit of knowledge from that experience alone to tell you about the crazy Israeli's in my life. On the one hand, they are some of the most intellectually hip folks I know, and on the other hand they are the most capitalistic hard-headed folks, too. I have followed this crazy story, like most, from about 10 steps back so I can just see what happens when I stand outside even wanting to believe, to just a normal online spectator. I even subscribed to eligael's Youtube profile so updates will come to my email inbox. I have doubted eligael's sanity from "go" but the videos are pretty cool. 1-5 are interesting and while they have been debunked many different ways, neither side (pro or con) came off sounding any more insightful, leaving that "must know more" after-taste.
So today when I got eligael's update that a 6th video has appeared, I hardly did cartwheels. Instead I watched intently. Remember, brother, this is a story that made Fox News after the first couple videos were released, so a lot of people have at least heard of the incident. Dammit, that's the issue with these UFO sightings, not enough name-brand recognition! They (UFO sightings, in general) are currently happening so fast and furious, it can be difficult to manage. Anyway, this 6th video is a great watch because of the great visuals. And a close up! I don't want to lead you in any one way on this one so please have a view. I will stand by, ready to hold hands with the quivering love petals and fabric softners out there in rainbow-ville.

It's been years since I've been to a real temple. Years. After I turned 13 I had a choice, and I said no thanks. The organized religion may be out of my life, but the Jewish culture has never left my bones. They (Hot-headed Israelis) make me mad and they make me laugh, but they do know how to roll with societal interests. For every one Israeli I have been close with, I have also had one deep argument and 20 brilliant conversations. But I'm not counting. Officially.

Oh well, I am tired. Here's a couple choice comments from this video's page:

eligael. you are being decieved by the ufo conspiracy crowd. do not listen to anything they say. disassociate yourself from any who claim to have 'secret knowledge'. there is no solid proof of the existence of aliens or spaceships; not one piece of hard evidence exists anywhere. there are no aliens or spaceships. the need to be part of something beyond the known universe is evidence of a psychological disturbance. mental hospitals are full of people who think they are aliens, or think they have been abducted by aliens or think they are under the watchful eyes of some global alien conspiracy becuase they 'know the truth'. truth is in your own life, on your own planet, amongst your own people in the real world. if what you and your friends have seen is real then it is your honesty and the testimony of your own mouths that will prove whether it is true or not. again, i say: watch out for the conspiracy theorists - they are mentally ill. peace

@eskeme22, @0808Kali,@fl4k0: yu idiots still believe 1st 2 vids were legit??yu dumbest farkin idiots yu r no better than herd of sheep. all Eligael's vids have been debunked as CGI goes 2 show whr yu idiots come frm. farkin still livin in a stone age??somebody asked wat his name means, his name is Eligael n im pretty sure it means what it sounds ie illegal . grow up idiots, this world has become a shithole just becuz of blind idiots like yu who'd believe in anything n without thnkin twice would elect any arsehole as yur leader n support any agenda without through research n fall for hoaxes like gullible dumb bitches.

This guy is full of shit. Doing this all for attention. PATHETIC HUMAN BEING.

MUFON expert Marc Dantonio released a logical statement explaining the 6th Jerusalem video to be a prank. I somehow managed to not call anyone who believes this one to be a complete dweeb last night. Alas. Dweebs! (That's if MUFON is to be trusted!)


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Magic Applewhite: Evacuate

Evacuate ( The Marshall Applewhite Happy Talk Mix ) by jasongroman

Goodbye to Jose Arguelles. The man who played a pivotal role in bringing 2012 information to our table. Reading through a lot of his material it is easy to see why this guy was put down as a complete fraud by so many. I just find the work to not be as flashy and fun as some of the other speakers talking about 2012. His speech work is enlightening if you can stay awake long enough to get through it.


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Must. Post. U.F.O. News. Flash.

Had to. Couldn't resist. Yeah, so just as soon as I write off the UFO reports this thing turns up and I'm like "WTF?"

Leroy Vandervegt and his son, Nick, witnessed a UFO in Lafayette, CO. Oh that damn Colorado and their UFO reporting.

Pretty standard, three lights, they appear red in the video but I think at one point they say the colors change. But, what they did say was interestingly put. They are asking for an answer to what they witnessed:

"I don’t know what they are," Leroy Vandervegt told the Boulder Daily Camera. "All I know is that I had no idea what it is. It wasn’t a satellite; it wasn’t an airplane; and it wasn’t a helicopter."

It should be very simple to answer. Wasn't a satellite, plane or heli, so it remains a UFO. Right? Or was it a fake? Watch the video and YOU tell me!

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He'd Like a Magic Awakening: Benjamin Fulford and HAARP

It's been a while.  The first time I heard Fulford video below, I couldn't finish it.  His 2007 attack on David Rockefeller seemed odd, out of place or out of context, I am not sure why, but it struck me as a longshot and I chose to turn my head.  After going back and re-watching it in its entirety, I have a little different opinion.  Benjamin Fulford, in short, would like to spread the word to the planet that HAARP may have played a role in many of the major "natural" disasters that have struck down in various parts of the world over the last several years.  Crazy?  You might call me that for asking you to watch a 38 minute video... but here goes...


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Interesting Article on Solar Cycles

I found this article to be pretty interesting.  Check out what the wars in 1990 (Kuwait, Saddam), 9/11, and this year's uprisings and worse all have in common.  You might be shocked to find out about an article (linked by The Big Wobble and others by now...) has to say in an article titled: Scientists' research warns humanity may be facing 'vortex of death', by Van Tran Terrence Aym.

From the article: 
"Solar Cycle 24 has begun. NASA and other space agencies worldwide have been warning about it. The cycle is predicted to be violent, unpredictable, and may even affect the fragile 21st earth technology."

Look at the timing, mankind.  It's getting hot in here!  I mean these things DON'T just happen.  It seems more apparent every day that humanity is accepting that things are indeed changing, and these changes need serious minds, and most likely intense will, to want to carry forth.  Homeostasis has officially been upset, from Egypt to Wisconsin (my NCAA bracket REQUIRES a Badger win tonight!). Fool me once - Three Kings.  Fool me twice, we  attack places with no WMD. Man, as much as I can't stand listening to anything by Louis Farrakhan (he spoke at CSU, Northridge in the late 90's when I was a student and he set me off,) I have to ask the same question to Obama:  "Who the Hell do you think you are?"  But he knows it.  And I even felt (still do, actually) something strange about our current presence in Libya.  The aggression peaks until 2012, suggests Aym's rant.  It's a timeline that has some value, and should be studied a little more before I call it accurate, but an interesting point is certainly made.

Check out The Big Wobble


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Pretty good stuff here

These days I'm not linking to as many UFO stories as I used to.  Just seems like an awful lot of wasted time when all the stories and all the sightings and all the denial and all the mystery and being treated as if UFOs are some joke because a lot of the UFO reports are just that.  There seems to be so much to the stories, but then they disappear.  Researchers do so much work; some have dedicated much of their lives to this study and these great researchers have drawn quite a crowd in to their circle, but for what?  The answer might not be to stop, so I'm not going to stop because I have an open mind and some stories are convincing.  As long as these stories are tethered to your imagination (and instinct) this topic will only continue to come to a head.    


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What's Up, Pan

Cassini's latest pictures from the Saturn system are interesting.  If you can get past the photoshop-looking spectacle, then go ahead and read more details about this "UFO shaped" entity HERE.

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Growth Curves & the Laws of Exponential Growth

Entropy defined!  This podcast, nicely broken down in to 6 parts - you must listen to the entire part 1, you won't believe your ears.  Of course after that, you'll be hooked and you have to listen to the rest.

Webbot Clif High on Truth Frequency Radio, and was all here on the Webbot Project

 Listen for the amazing conversation that is sure to blow your mind to little bits...


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Vote FMPU to the Moon!

That is right UFOPOP nerds and hotties (we get 'em all day long over here..) YOU can make a difference by voting FMPU UP UP UP! Just click here
We are listed at the www.topparanormalsites.com website. Click here to vote for us.. Thank you :-)

and you can be a part of history.  Unless you hate the site in which case I'll have to ask you to scoot.  JK lov the haters.
So today I just wanted to cover a few of the sites I'm up against.  Some are fantastic and others need to be put below me.

I'd like to start with Wisps from the Dazzling Darkness.  While people may look at FMPU and say, "Hey, what kinda foo-foo operation you fools runnin' over here," or something to that magnitude, WFDD is definitely a more foo-foo sounding name, sorry.  A "skeptic's take on the paranormal experience" must have decided there's not a whole lot to write about since the site has only one post since November 6th of 2010.  So yeah, maybe it's just a matter of housekeeping, or they still have a high google ranking, nevertheless, FMPU deserves the nod!  Dazzle me this.

Real UFOs (.net) has a great site with all the big names in UFOlogy.  Highly recommended and no matter how you vote, how frequently you vote, and how many friends you refer here, we won't catch them.  Their latest update is this sighting in MN.

I keep Real UFOs site linked to all my social groups.

For the researcher who wants visuals and reports in the media of all things fantastical and fucked about our beautiful planet earth, few work harder then my man, and new daddy, Andre Heath.  His site is The Alien Project and Andre is going on full-tilt 24/7.  Check out this site's coverage of the craziness happening in Japan - and other phenomenon happening on Earth.  I'm always amazed at how quick, diverse, and impacting his reports are.  Sometimes they are scary, and you kinda sit back and wonder why he goes through all the madness, but in the end you'll find this to worthwhile endeavor that deserves attention.  FMPU respect!

I don't need to be sold salvation, and that is what End Times Prophecy does.  If you have any reason to vote NOW for FMPU, it is so that this garbage site can go sell religious crazy elsewhere. I find sites like this to be noise, they get in the way and they are never interesting to look at.  God is good, and all that jazz, we're not promoting atheism here at FMPU, we're just kinda sick of the continual bastardization of the holy books so that they meet the criteria of whatever is currently in the media, et al.  Stay what you are, because I wouldn't change you for the world.

Hail Eris!

Finally, Nick Pope is on UFO fire, so to speak.  Many of the sites I read have at least a post or two about the man, he is the man, though he talks kinda funny.  Educating Humanity is an ok site (I like the name) that is a little one-dimensional (hey, we offer bad pop music if ya feel like ignoring the other shit!), but not all-together badly put together.  I recommend, with a thumb half-twisted up in a bow tie shape, a visit here, but not until you vote for FMPU to move up those Top Paranormal Site rankings!