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Listen to The Higherside Chats

Have a listen to my favorite conspiracy/alt interview podcast going. It's thorough and pensive and it's entertaining. The generation of podcasters coming up is so fun and game changing! You MUST get involved with the new breed, don't be afraid to explore new shows and don't be afraid to reward the shows you enjoy with donations. Too many shows I've loved have gone away because it just was no longer possible financially. By learning my lesson I have decided to try to always donate to any show that I tune into, even if the $ amount is low, I feel I have taken action to support something I feel is doing something by spreading alternative views of how to make due in a world gone loco. Agree or argue points of the guests that visit The Higherside Chats, but the topics are being explored here better than most in the genre. This week on everyone’s favorite conspiracy podcast: Mind control expert and author of “Your Thoughts Are Not Your Own Vol 1 & 2,” Neil Sanders, joins THC for a talk about the use of mind control in Hollywood films and on musicians and actors. We also discuss the secret pedophilia network within the entertainment industry, the manipulation behind the hip hop explosion in the 90′s, and tons more. THC MoneyBomb: http://www.thehighersidechats.com/donate


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Jupiter Makes News

The article that's on the marquee on Yahoo! tonight talks about Europa, and her Mt. Everest size geysers and potential for life.  Right on the heels of the announcement from Mars that there's evidence of microbial life, now our scientists are bandwagoning it, throwing their arms up and yelling "Fuck It!  If it's on Mars it's everywhere!"  Safe to say, I don't think the general public will fall into a panic, it's safe now, scientists.

The one thing the article doesn't admit is that sci-fi writers have had this notion on lockdown for the last 50 years.  No crying over spilled milk but Arthur C. Clark's information was far more poetic and hopeful than these ridiculous news pies.

Too little, too late.  True readers have known and speculated on this crap for so long that I'm embarrassed to read some of your thoughts on the matter. 

The article ends:
Future observations will hopefully confirm this discovery and help define the size, density, composition and timing of Europa's plumes, Roth said. Analyzing the composition of these plumes will allow researchers to scan the makeup of the moon's interior "without landing on Europa and drilling into the ground," Roth said.


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You got PUNKED by S. Africa's and perhaps the worlds champion of sign-language. Jantjie said he works for a company called SA Interpreters and was paid for the event. There are now reports that the owners of SA Interpreters have “vanished.” Do you believe bogus sign-language man's story where he defends his interpretations in question? Or do you believe the story behind the story?


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Shape Shifting Reptilians?!

Hey it's 2014 right around the corner, are we supposed to know more than we are ready for?  Oh internet, what have you done?!  Not a night of pure peace of mind since the mid to late 90's when I discovered you and now I'm being told there's reptilians running this shit?  Good grief this never seems to let up.  "Why are these stories of interest to people?" is an interesting question to ask.
I suppose it's because there are clips like this to watch, and if the evidence supports a fantastic claim why should I listen to people hammered to either side of the fence of belief, whether in complete doubt or support? "They Live" was a fantastic movie, but have I ever really given credence to the theories about the existence of shape shifters or reptilians? I'm not going to answer that question. I want you to decide for yourself after you reason it all out using the most logical, factually true argument you can compose.
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Guided By Voices: Class Clown Spots a UFO

Guided By Voices made this brilliant song, I think, in 2012. I never knew there was such a great video that accompanied it's brilliance. Enjoy!


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Celebrity Mind Control! MK-Ultra!?

Another interesting video from Free Man TV! From Lady Gaga to Barack Obama, the occult affects us all. Watch 100′s of hours of documentaries on the Illuminati’s use of the “Dark Arts” in politics, movies, and music. Learn what you need to know to keep your family safe from mind control. Learn the true meaning of symbols around you. Witness “High Profile Rituals” being performed.


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Attention Hollywood: UFO Movie-Making State of the Union Address

What seems obvious is that in the case of UFO-related movie-making the soulessness of Hollywood whereupon an inherent lack of true inventive, independently spirited leaders without any need to appeal to the emerging populace roam, to only put to print and release films that can't capture experienced thoughts, emotions or imaginations for longer than a 30 second sprint. We're left to our own devices when it comes to finding quality soft, melodic or hardcore science fiction. The quality of the hoax is so refined, we've screwed ourselves into balls of tape waiting to be recorded. Sometimes we forget that all we need is the concept simply, cheaply applied before our mind's eye. What we get is garbage, where we are given not only stupid-talk dialogue that is such an under-estimation of our intelligence that will actually make news because he/she decided to not use typical cheesy lines. While everyone was cheering, my teeth were grinding every time Sandra Bullock opened while I was otherwise trying to enjoy Gravity. There is good UFO material out there. I want to believe work like Domenic Barbero's The Same Way exists, I just haven't found it yet...
FMPU supports UFOlogists, curious onlookers, musicians, freaks, ghouls and anyone (or thing) claiming to be all or none.


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Krem Bop The UFO Song

"Although I'm not fluent in the alien language, I believe that "Krem Bop" translates into: "Let's Be Friends" Let's be friends with the UFOs and their drivers.


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Peru is Back in the UFO Game!

"Media reports indicate that citizens of the central Andes town of Marabamba have been spotting luminous objects in the sky for several days." After closing the proverbial door on UFO investigations, the Peruvian Office of Anomalous Aerial Phenomena Research (OIFAA) has reopened it's doors due to citizen's reports they have encountered a number of unusual sightings recently.


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False Flags Are The New Reality Television

Television is dead and that is why the revolution will not be televised, genius! And allow me to just add that if Nick Pugh is in fact the same guy that was interviewed at ground zero then wow whose gonna believe that!

 It's almost too difficult to complete a full paragraph without running off on a tangent because the stories are so disjointed, and blatantly non-events which command not a drop of endearment, emotion or believability but perhaps none was actually intended. The real fools, I do believe, are publications like Reason Magazine and other even more mainstream reads. In Reason's case this is most applicable because they have captured my interest with some of their political perspectives and talented writing staff, though I can't pretend to know enough to contribute to some of their smart debates. I simply know that they aren't talking about the joys of being either a republican or democrat. I know, simple minds = simple pleasures. To what end they will go to make you conspiracy theorists the dolts and mentally ill-prepared to cope with the changes in a rapidly growing eco-electrodigital world.
We are humans and we grew up with distractions. My generation was filled with normal distractions, a generation that used the television similarly to how we now use the internet. Those lousy non-interactive boxes of my idle youth!

As the internet grew parallel to the television, the boob tube evolved into Youtube, but guess what... this evolution also coincides with a timeline of 911 to now. 911 happened because the digital revolution had already begun to spiral out of control and with all the changes about to take place to society the leaders of the world must have just as quickly realized the power shifts our new world would be facing. It may be postulated these power shifts prompted big changes in how business in America would be done forevermore. Enter reality television. Because there was still good money to be made in television there was still a power struggle between the good old days and the digital frontier, edgier more real feeling television shot up in popularity. Filming people outside of studios appeared real enough during the last ten years with pretty people doing odd things like eating worms, cooking ridiculous meals, knocking foes off islands and getting knocked up way too early were easy distractions. People bought into the "reality" of these shows. This is where things get difficult to nail down because we live in a divisive society that we're barely trying to mend with knowledge and understanding of our neighbors. Not everyone believes JFK was taken down by a conspiracy but there's quite a few, and maybe the reasoning that supports the official story trips you up every time you feel you have a grip on what happened it's gone almost by sheer unseen force. And we had more to go on in Dallas, on video, than the jury in Florida had at George Zimmerman's trial 50 years later!

Television is dead and that is why the revolution will not be televised because people are not yet willing to accept what is now being given to them in strange "surreal" ways. I was there but the facts slipped through my fingers the way they always seem to do when I remove my emotions from my understanding of the facts.

Follow up: Please keep in mind that if you are reading this article at this point, then you are about to enter the addendum area. Since this article is, in a sense, exploratory in nature, I'll be adding more information to support my contention that False Flages are the New Reality Television.
We found an excellent source that supports my research! The website Blogdog got in on the action just last week with the blog post titled, Join the Navy and star in a TV Reality Show: Admiral Greenert’s McHale’s Navy! Well played, sporto. Here's a fantastic excerpt from that post:
Newtown False Flag with non-existent Asperger’s, schizoid teenage gun enthusiast carrying three guns including an Ar-15 killing 20+ white children and white adults in a fancy NYC rich suburb ---all in three minutes:
 • Use FEMA CRISIS ACTORS and make certain they talk about the non-death of the students coupled with the NEED FOR GUN CONTROL!
 • Let Obama make another nonsensical Shakespearian speech about the death of children and gun control.
 • Ensure POTUS never talks about his incompetence in relieving a 12/20% combined unemployment and underemployment problem.
 • Ensure no references made to the disastrous Obamacare and it’s Rube Goldberg machine.
 • Ensure that in this new Navy TV reality show, we have no mention of Obama’s failure in the Syrian chem/weap crisis.
 • No mention of Obama being aced out by Putin or Assad.


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Mystery: FAA Flight Restriction Over Western New Mexico Raises Eyebrows

Nothing concrete here, I'm only going on a blog post from Black Horizon's website.  FAA issued a temporary no-fly restriction though no reports of a crash or landing of any kind have been reported elsewhere in the media.

That said, Steve Douglass, writer of this article posted this to his website and remains one of, if not the only one, who is capable of rendering a writeup about the reported events, but damn if it doesn't stink as if coming from something being hidden.

Yeah, I know, seems like all the decent UFO stories have all been completely over taken by shit like Ancient Aliens.  So what!  We all like a good mystery, though this most likely is military related.


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Twisted MK-Ultra Mind Control Video That Will Freak You Out

I'm not sure what to make of this video but it's weird. Whatever the case is, it's an interesting trip-out video that will make you wonder what the hell the point of it is. What is the target audience for this film and did it work? 2 + 2 = 5 after watching this.


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What to wear on Mars

Just reading an interesting article written at Business Insider.  With recent news about over 200k sign-ups to be selected to be sent on a one-way to Mars, this information was sure to be shared, though the "sexy" angle certainly made me look.

Image from article:

From the article:  Here's what Chris Webster from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, which manages the Curiosity rover currently roaming Mars, had to say over email:

The most serious immediate impact would be from the low atmospheric pressure that is nearly a vacuum compared to Earth, and within minutes the skin and organs would rupture, outgas and produce a quick painful death. 
Zoinks! Be careful what you wish for.


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Art Bell's Dark Matter on SiriusXM is Worth Price of Admission

Hi all I hope you are getting your subscriptions to Art Bell (yes, I am a shareholder of #siri) it's a fantastic ride! Art is back, perhaps the updraft is a little slower than those old 90's shows in the middle of the night scaring the shit out of us, but nonetheless, it's so great to have this inspirational icon back on the air. Worth it, folks, though I will add that overall, SiriusXM does have it's faults, and need a wider selection of shows on their format. I'll take it!


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Sorry, Syria Will Not Be Televised

Been wondering where all the information is coming from. Yeah I am talking to all the pundits and the Hanna Montana's and care bears, the tickets for the revolution are not for sale. They are barking and they are mainstream. They want to train your brain and fill you with insane ideas and they are not going to care if you are a psychic or not! They don't care if you paying attention and for those who are, it's still coming at your face 93 mph.


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The Higherside Chats Goes Deeper Into Sandy Hook

There's so many facts that have been purposely fuzzed away from our very eyes. The interesting question is how could this be a staged event with so many people at the scene? Are there levels of coordination within such an event to be successful? Capstone is the all-seeing eye, so please understand that there are people who know more than us!


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Adam Gorightly visits Media Monarchy to discuss 'The Dead Comedian Conspiracy'

Listen to some great stuff about Bill Hicks, Joe Rogan, and ... well you know, all those rock stars (and the NEW rock stars, comedians!) and before you know it you're sucked into the Gorightly spell! Enjoy the ride and don't forget to wipe.


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Documentary: The Boston Bombings - Divide and Conquer

FMPU discussed false flag events over beers with friends the other night and it felt like overstepped boundaries were a constant concern. As a casual observer, it appeared as if FMPU was hunched over, grimacing as if he had just been stabbed in the balls. FMPU questioned someone's beliefs. It wasn't an intentional personal attack but it may have sounded that way. The problem is that the issue doesn't really come (often) within inner circles of friends we hang out with. In the end I walked away feeling like FMPU did something that should not have been done. Out-manned and out of practice, it is at both times sad and deflating to watch someone who believes in the existence of false flag events argue their points without getting comfortable with the notion that this might take a while. Some great terms were flying around the room and they were just as intoxicating as the beer because they weren't being spoken by some slick youtube vid narrator. Two guys with very different looks at a couple interesting cases - the Boston Bombing and Sandy Hook. Taking a look back at the FMPU archives, you know we're willing to go places we have no business trespassing. Well, stop fucking with our emotions! (Whoever you evildoers are...) Regardless, this isn't the approach that will propel us to any new great realizations. It's proven time and time again, but as long as there's folks who remain, at minimum, interested, you find yourself in a position to want to be more decisive, eloquent and, when possible, concise.


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Might Tyche Be Nibiru?

A HuffPo article from 2011 stated that a massive gas planet may exist in our galaxy, and the article has a busy comment thread going!

This isn't a new revelation, but the story does stay in rotation, in and out of our consciousness it goes as this "rumor" has been swirling the bowl for a long time, almost seemingly testing civilization's reaction to see if we're "ready" for it.  How interesting! We're ready for the news!  Give yourself a pat on the back.  Anyway, this was just a reminder that folks are still reading this stuff.  I came across the story while reading another totally unrelated story.  I suppose that big search engine shot this article up and when I finished the article I had been reading (train crash, I think) the first thing I noticed, of course, was an article on Tyche, that's two years old, mind you.  

From the article:
Scientists may soon be able to prove the existence of the gas giant, which could be four times the size of Jupiter, according to astrophysicists John Matese and Daniel Whitmire from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. The two first proposed Tyche's existence in order to explain a change in path of comets entering the solar system, according to The Independent.


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Conspiracy Theorists Not Cray Cray

From an interesting report on a study:

"The most recent study was published on July 8th by psychologists Michael J. Wood and Karen M. Douglas of the University of Kent (UK). Entitled “What about Building 7? A social psychological study of online discussion of 9/11 conspiracy theories,” the study compared “conspiracist” (pro-conspiracy theory) and “conventionalist” (anti-conspiracy) comments at news websites. "


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Out There Radio (.net) - The Devil In #AlexJones

A major shout-out to the #FrancesEDec (esq) - LISTEN to this. By the way, the boys are doing it vodcast style for your viewing pleasure. You're going to love it if you never love them already, but if you are a fan this is like a shot of adrenaline. Smooth and full of rewarding bits of information from the Frankenstein gods.


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This wouldn't be such an interesting story if it didn't include the sighting of "discs" or some such objects flying in the airspace directly above the Scientology headquarters in the UK. Oh yeah, and they were also said to have a "toy-like" look to them, and they appear man-made.  But that's what three pilots are claiming in a widely disbursed story by the Daily News. 




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NASA Rock: Astronaut does Bowie

Every once in a while we're given an astounding amount of information in a very short period of time. It's nice to get what appears as one of those magical space awareness videos as Chris Hadfield reminds us what makes them such mega-mortals. (Or could this be yet another one of them devil's in the details kind of moments? Sheesh, it is NASA, after all!)
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Principia Discordia as Revealed by Adam Gorightly

One of FMPU's most highly recommended contemporary writers, Adam Gorightly, discusses some the basics about the Principia Discordia.


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Quest To Live and Die on Mars

Mars is the mission.  We've conquered a lot that is on Earth.  Quite possibly everything, but who the hell knows?  Maybe the Earth still has some mystery left.  But others feel it is time we go to space.  Take Elon Musk, who spoke to a crowd at SXSW about the importance of his SpaceX program.

I drive by the SpaceX facility in Hawthorne with awe.  It's right here, and it's transforming the world.  That's something I can dig.


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More About James Holmes

Below is interesting information released on the Perskeptical blog regarding James Holmes.  The story sucked me in from day 1.  The official story is too strange.  The judicial handling of this case has been nothing more than yet another unwritten chapter from 1984.  Read below, and if you are so inclined, read the entire piece linked up at the bottom. 

In the wake of recent controversy surrounding the Sandy Hook conspiracy theory, many will roll their eyes at the thought of another conspiracy theory, and some are unsure what the Aurora conspiracy could even be—given that the evidence against James Holmes, the lone suspect, has seemed overwhelming from the start.

But when taking the time to examine the case further, as we'll do here, the truth isn't so clear-cut. That's because the official story—that Holmes acted alone in killing 13 and wounding 58 others—is contradicted by the following questions:

  • How do investigators account for two gas masks found at the scene that they say didn't belong to Holmes?
  • How do investigators explain an orange duffel bag, gas can, and second set of tactical gear found near where Holmes was arrested, but not worn or used by him?
  • How could Holmes have acted alone when multiple witnesses in Theater 9 said they saw or perceived multiple accomplices, and reported at least two descriptions of said accomplices to police?
  • How could Holmes have acted alone when multiple witnesses in adjacent Theater 8 reported the detonation of a gas canister that was coordinated with the attack in Theater 9?

Eyewitness #1: Steve Ostergaard
Teacher Steve Ostergaard was sitting on the right side of Theater 8 with 10 of his students that night:

“About 20 minutes into the movie, there was a scene where they were in a bar and there was gunfire about to start erupting. At that point, to the right of us—right by the stairwell—all 12 of us heard hissing and then started seeing smoke and we saw a boom and a flash. At that point we heard what we thought were firecrackers.”
Ostergaard continues:
“Was part of the stairwell blown off like I thought I saw? Because I saw an explosion. So what really happened? Because it was dark in there.”
Eyewitness #2: Rachel Fedeli
Rachel Fedeili was also in Theater 8. Here’s her account:
“We had heard about two pops, and then there was a big cloud of smoke. And then there was another pop and more smoke....”
Later in the same clip, she mentions an important point that supports the idea that the gas canister(s) thrown in Theater 8 were indeed separate from the gas canister(s) thrown in Theater 9:
“We had no idea at all that there was anything happening in Theater 9—we thought it was just in our theater. No one knew that there was something else happening in the theater next to us.”
Eyewitness #3: Alex Milano
Theater 8 witness Alex Milano told 9NEWS’ Brandon Rittiman:
“We were watching a scene in the movie—it was a shootout scene—there were guns firing. And then a loud bangs came from the right of the theater. Smoke took over the entire theater. It was really thick, and no one could really see anything.”
Eyewitness #4: Obed Sanchez
It’s unclear where Obed Sanchez was sitting in Theater 8, but he also describes an explosion that took place inside his theater:
"There were explosions behind me, and there was dust, but I thought it was just a normal practical joke—fireworks or something.”
Eyewitness #5: Quentin Caldwell
Testimony from Theater 8 moviegoer Quentin Caldwell reinforces the idea that there may have been two gunmen:
“You know, right before we tried to exit the theater, and then all of the sudden somebody ran in and said, 'Don't go in the lobby—he's in the lobby.' And somebody else tried to go outside, and they shut the doors. I don't know why, but they said, 'He's outside.' So we were scared—we didn't know if there was more than one.”

Read the entire Perskeptical blog post here!


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Meteorite Strikes Down on Russia *Updates

Weird timing that a meteorite should strike down on the same day the world will narrowly avert collision with another meteorite.  The crazy part is the unresolved rumor that the meteorite was actually shot down by the Russians!  Unverified, but if true, would be quite a story.

Apparently the people were shocked by the strike, while authorities claim to have provided a warning of some type.

UPDATE(s): It appears there's been three craters discovered. Interestingly, or not, two were "by a lake," and a third found somewhere else (Zlatoust)... One of the ditches craters is said to be 6m in diameter. Not bad! "The Ministry reported that 297 buildings were damaged, and another 450 buildings were left without gas because facilities in the city had also been damaged, an Emergency Ministry spokesperson said, according to Russia 24 news channel." RT has been indiscreet in spreading information that radiation level is normal, and thus alleviating those concerned with radiation levels. Russia does show an interest in keeping a close eye on this development. NEW UPDATE: The regional Emergency Ministry DENIED previous unconfirmed reports by local media that the meteorite was shot by the military air defenses. The local newspaper Znak reported the meteorite was intercepted by an air defense unit at the Urzhumka settlement near Chelyabinsk. Quoting a source in the military, it wrote a missile salvo blew the meteorite to pieces at an altitude of 20 kilometers. Regnum news agency quoted a military source who claimed that the vapor condensation trail of the meteorite speaks to the fact that the meteorite was intercepted by air defenses. Also, now 1,200 are reported to be injured as a result of the meteorites plummet. And of course since we do occasionally drop the conspiracy bomb on your heads, don't rule out skullduggery efforts by corrupt governments could be at play, taking advantage of the asteroid flyby on 02/15. There's no evidence supporting a claim that any missiles were launched in this region, but boy would they be pissed if there was. Just saying.


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Robert Blake Retires From Pope Role

One of the more fascinating plays that can be found on the internet is the sites that suggest famous actors take on roles that do have an impact on our lives, though in seemingly small, insignificant ways.

There's been site's calling this out since 2008, so nothing new here it's just fun to muse.  Most of the makers of these rumors take a lot of swings and whiff quite a lot, but I have been interested ever since I realized that Roseanne Barr could really be Victoria Jackson.  You might call them imposters, I still call them actors.  They deserve to make a living, and there's nothing worse than getting typecasted.  They are good actors.  They can, most of the time, pull off what they are called upon to do and that is why they are actors.

Today the Pope "resigned."  Something that hasn't happened since the 1400s.  Remember that?!  Me either.  Interestingly, I had seen a blip in a video recently that suggests Robert Blake played the role of the world's current Pope.  And wow, it kinda creeped me out (for the record, Robert Blake has freaked me out for many years anyway).  Though mocking this has been around for a long time, I had only recently seen DallasGoldBug's revival of the topic last month.  He likes to blow up these rumors big and has a larger audience to share with.  As those people tell others, and with the full scale explosion of social media, it's just odd timing for such a dramatic step-down!

Pope Robert Blake?


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Hoax Alert: Chris Dorner Is A Fraud

So now it is finally hitting home.  My home. Killer Cop as I like to refer him to is a fraud.  A big fucking fraud that is unfairly being used against the people here in Los Angeles and all of California (and beyond).

The L.L. Cool J looking fella is an actor.

The media has dropped a lot of clues (I heard "staging" areas being set up a couple times today), and overall doesn't seem all that overly worried with getting the bad guy. 

L.L. Cool J!

L.L. Cool J!

Here's' a video that describes how I feel about the matter.  The problem is very difficult to solve.  I heard the discussion various times throughout the day, read a 20-page manifesto, and posted on FB some of my most interesting links. 


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South Carolina Loves UFOS

Why not? South Carolina is opening a UFO museum. If anything it gives me a reason to take my interest in UFOs to a city where I've never been before because it gives me an excuse to try cuisines I've never had the opportunity to venture to.


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Well Said, Norio (A UFO state of the union of sorts..)

AMERICA'S UFO SUB-CULTURE......why it continues to affect a segment of the population Here is my newly revised view on 'Ufology' and Conspiracies. I take a healthy, skeptical position on the subject matter, without becoming a debunker. I am still very open.
I still keep an open stance on everything because life itself is a mystery and there could be things in this world that we still do not understand. We still do not know fully what 'reality' is. I am not recanting but am simply taking a more rational approach to 'Ufology' as well as to the never-ending speculations about global conspiracies. My favorite quote is from an English comic book writer, Alan Moore, who said that: “The main thing that I learned about conspiracy theory is that conspiracy theorists actually believe in a conspiracy theory because that is more comforting. The truth is that the world is chaotic. It is not the Jewish banking conspiracy or the grey aliens or the 12-foot reptilians from another dimension that are in control. The truth is more frightening: Nobody is in control. The world is rudderless” I have spent more than 50 years in 'Ufology', including many years investigating Area 51 in Nevada. I also spent many years attempting to investigate and getting to the bottom of the never-ending allegations that there is an underground base in Dulce, New Mexico. I now reside in New Mexico and visit the Dulce area from time to time. I have recently come to a sobering, personal conclusion that there doesn’t appear to be any single, solid, tangible and irrefutable documentary evidence whatsoever that we have ever been (or are being) visited by physical extaterrestrial aliens in physical alien spacecraft of any kind. Yet, so many questions still remain. Moreover, the belief in such remains persistent, among a segment of the population. Why? I have nothing against those who are in what I describe as the ‘paranoia industry’ (authors, promoters and conference speakers) that continue to benefit from a segment of the population’s persistent beliefs in UFOs, Aliens and Conspiracies. I respect everyone’s right to make a living somehow. It will go on and on….because, let’s face it, it is all part of America’s UFO sub-culture. -from Norio


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FOUR (4) Gas Masks Found @ Aurora Crime Scene!

Shocking information today at the Colorado trial for James Holmes. Prosecution displayed pictures (I think from his iphone) of the alleged shooter with a smile, gun barrels and the "Just Me" pic of his arsenal all neatly aligned on his bed. James Holmes, this is going to be difficult to explain, of course, but with the way the facts have been altered in this case up to this point, nothing surprises me. The toothy smile with the black contacts probably looks really menacing, but then again, is the fact his pupils (haven't seen these, but just surmising...) are hidden... well that still is within the game plan if you are trying to piece together a possible drugging/patsy type tactical order of deliverance. Oh, I guess that may just be bloviation if any of the other 7 pictures revealed today show his eyes without the contacts.  The evidence is incredible, and that is exactly was the prosecutors need for this incredible incident. The images are no-bueno for James. As we already know, the defense is sticking with the oddly built story about James booby-trapping his apartment, and tipping off the police to this fact when he was apprehended at the crime scene. There's a CNN video that states no bombs or such devices were actually found at the scene, from the day of the shootings, if you haven't seen it, check it out because you should be well-informed. How would CNN report that? If you seek out the weird, you'll find it in the Aurora shooting case.
Interestingly, this evidence was not the mind-blowing revelation offered at today's hearing. There were four gas masks at the crime scene. Four. One Two Three Four.  Which masks belonged to James Holmes, you ask?  Well, it just gets weirder, as it appears one of the coppers picked up(!) one of the masks, and walked away.  It's not clear yet as to where the mask was returned.  Say what?  Just getting warmed up, folks.  This case is going to be exhausting.

FMPU Grim Thought of the Day:
By the way, just another passing question of darkness in my head.  If James was so interested in taking pictures of his toothy self, and the structure of movie theater from the inside, why didn't he take any pictures of his bomb setup?  Pretty sure the FBI took them during the discovery, but if he was so happy with his arsenal to snap off a few, why not commemorate an elaborate bomb setup? 


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Conspiracy Alert: Sandy Hook

The Sandy Hook Elementary shooting is a lie. A false-flag event to stir fear, controversy, economic relief and possibly was even created to further demonize guns in America. You smell that? It's a conspiracy cooking right here in your country! Surprising that I'd find this link @drudgereport, but there was a point last month when I threw my hands up over my head and screamed from my computer room - "THAT'S IT! I CAN'T READ ANY MORE OF THIS SHIT IF MEDIA KEEPS DOING THIS 1984 BULLSHIT ON US, DAY IN AND DAY OUT!" Yeah, I went a little mental but for a good reason. The Sandy Hook Elementary shooting was faked. DallasGoldBug, hated as well as lauded for his interesting work in the conspiracy arena, made good sense here. I recommend you go check out his eclectic videos that I always find interesting. Before Sandy Hook my favorite connection he made was that Victoria Jackson and Roseanne Barr is the same person. Sure I got laughed at, but it makes all the sense in the world. Then today, Memory Hole's James Tracy's blog post made it to the mainstream media portal that got 11 billion hits in 2013. There ya go, Drudge! In his epic post, the Sandy Hook "shooting" gets torn apart. How else can it be said, this was a scam perpetuated by the media, and the locals over there in that sick town in Connecticut. The mainstream audience believes, Tracy says, "corporate media reports and interpretations" that have shooter Lanza as the sole gunman while the facts from the earliest on-scene reports reveal a very different tale. The thought that this whole thing, as many other truly shocking stories throughout the years, was part of a bigger, controlled plan that required a level of complicity by media and more is actually gaining steam. The lies continue, like most of the shootings is just filled with so much distortion, story lines, plot twists that the chances of this "conspiracy" to ever be fully revealed remain tiny. Shocking? Yeah, I know.


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Here We Go Magic

Here We Go Magic picked up John Waters in their tour bus while he was hitchhiking along their tour route in Ohio.


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The Corbett Report: Meet Zbigniew Brzezinski, Conspiracy Theorist

As usual, we turn our bright, bewildered, tired eyes upon what appears to be sincere journalism. The Corbett Report has done quite an interesting job at presenting alternative media to those interested, with flare, enthusiasm and -- gasp -- credibility(?). Here we have a piece that walks with fire, burning eternal, shining bright. Or so we hope, or until Mr. Corbett rips off his rubber face to reveal Batman's next villainous foe. Enjoy.


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Morpheus' Magical News

Just came across a good site and found it was interesting enough to pass along. Rune Soup has a fantastic post from earlier in 2012.  Among the many great links I found here is as good a theory as any I've seen before discussing how the pyramids of Egypt were built.

Is this how the pyramids were built?
Okay so… this is one of the few topics I am not a complete, massive idiot in or dickbag about. Maybe.
Ignoring everything else, the construction of the Giza complex is fundamentally an engineering enigma. After almost twenty years of looking at this and scoffing at the feeble “explanations”, a project manager from Derby has -in my estimation- come the closest to a working theory that doesn’t involve aliens or antigravity. (This is an example of the thing I love most in the British make-up; a weird, nerdy obsession that comes out of a package holiday… a voracious, post-Benidorm amateurism.)
Please watch both videos and give feedback. I’d genuinely love to hear your thoughts. A couple of things to note:
  • The Giza causeways down to the Nile are at weird angles that haven’t been satisfactorily explained. In fact, the magical purpose of the causeways hasn’t been satisfactorily explained. This is one explanation for them.
  • He doesn’t mention it in the video but there is a reasonable amount of written source material to indicate that the pyramid workforce was seasonal: it was farmers who had nothing to do during the inundation period… which is precisely the moment in the year that this whole theory hinges on.