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FMPU Rising

Hey take a look.  Views for this website have improved yet again.

More regular posts would ultimately be the best thing, but the second best thing is for YOU to come back or link!  I try to remember to always return the favor.

I suppose it's a sign of the times.  It has been one amazingly fast year so far. 

A very special thank you to The Debris Field who sent us an amazing 150 views during a record-setting August month!  Go check out Leslie Gunter's great website, you'll find something you like.

MAGIC POP and UFOS.  Fodder for your gelatinous brain!

UPDATE:  Not to be out-done,  Drudgereport.com just made their announcement that August 2012 gave them their greatest yield of views ever in their 17 year history.  They had about 943 million+ more views then FMPU but that's aiight.  If anything I would like to remind you, and all readers, if I don't break a record again I'll be assuming it's more a symptom of more people going outside because yes, don't you worry, your computer will still be there waiting for your return.  Enjoy your Labor Day Weekend!


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Out There Radio returns to Earth

File Under: They're back (sorta) after leaving Out There Radio 4 years ago.

Even if you missed all 50 previous episodes, listen to episode 51 of Out There Radio as it will catch you up and inspire you to work your way back. No Joe McFall, but, true to old form Raymond Wiley is not selling you that stupid ghost buster shit. (Sorry if you like shitty ghost hunting shows.)

Pearl Jam. Sucks. And that is what might throw this particular episode into a category of its own. People, Pearl Jam has always sucked - and I do have support for this which I may get to one day - Nicholas Pell, one of the show's new sequencers (as I call them), is an L.A. Weekly writer.  In this episode we learn about some of Nick's background.

Next, my best wishes came true when Raymond and his new co-host (former sequencer), Austin Gandy, lit up the Colorado Shooter "conspiracy." Raymond and Austin journey into the dangers conspiracy sites present (via wild speculation) in their ever so cautious and over-studied opinions. Interestingly, nobody publicly had known this yet, but Jennifer Gallagher, who aided Colorado shooting victims the night of the chaotic event, drowned August 7th. I wonder if knowing that fact would have impacted their dialogue. Probably not, because the Colorado story was already entirely warped even PRIOR to her death. Bottom line is they don't want to glorify conspiracies if there's not call to action that might promote overcoming or even healing from a matter that benefits from revised meta-analysis.  Some are calling them skeptics, but until I hear it from them, I'll hold reservation. 

 Raymond is an expert on the Georgia Guidestones, so he gets into a little of that as a primer for what I'll go out on a limb and predict will be the subject of a future episode. It's more fascinating than it even sounds. It's taken me a couple years, but the story behind the Georgia Guidestones has captured my interest. Very excited the show is back.

Objective fact, if you think it's dead have a listen.


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Peculiar Post of the Day re: James Holmes

Some of the die-hards may find this offensive, but FMPU has received a couple links to a couple "lawsuits" posted on the net. I suppose my challenge would be to let me see a letter from Mr. Holmes. Anyway, interesting read IMO: CHRISTOPHER DAVID FORTIE V. JAMES EAGAN HOLMES LAWSUIT UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT DISTRICT OF COLORADO ________________________________ CHRISTOPHER DAVID FORTIE, PLAINTIFF CASE NO. V. JAMES EAGAN HOLMES, FEDENDANT PRELIMINARY INJUNCTION TEMPORARY RESTRAINING ORDER _________________________________ Comes now the plaintiff , Christopher David Fortie facing imminent danger and bodily harm from defendant James Eagan Holmes who is the alleged shooter of the Aurora colorado massacre on july 20th, 2012 , and I seek a restraining order against James Holmes. I used to work with James Holmes at Mcdonalds in San diego. James and me cleaned men's restrooms, James told me personally that he is going to shoot the theater up in Aurora Colorado, I warned Police Chief Dan Oates , because i was his personal informant after i was charged with child porn in my computer I made a plea bargin to be a informant. Oates didnt listen to me and told me to mind my business. On 8/10/12 I was a member of a facebook group called " james holmes is innocent " and I met a girl in that group room named Tracy Bartz ( who told me she is going to file a james holmes lawsuit too btw ) and Tracy told me to come visit her in illinois to have sex with her child, and I did, and it was a sting operation , and i was charged with solicitation of a minor and child sex crimes. On 8/13/12 Aurora district attorney Carol Chambers contacted me and offered me another plea bargin on my child sex case , in exchange for me testifying against James Holmes at trial. I agreed , and also agreed to get treatment for my child sex addiction .James Holmes found out I was testifying and has been sending me threatening letters to my fathers house in texas telling me he is going to murder me and my parents Bruce & Linda Fortie. My father owns a tow truck company called Hars Enterprises at 1003 Cedar Post CT , Tomball TX 77375 ( 832-444-6076 ) James Holmes sent 69 threatening letters telling me I'm dead meat and Holmes threatened to sodomize me with my golf clubs and threatened to Kill my ex wife Jennifer who I divorced in 2008. Please I beg this court to help me and put a stop to this psycho. I also support the death penalty against James Holmes. Respectfully, _________________________ Christopher David Fortie 1003 Cedar Post CT Tomball , TX 77375


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UPDATE Allison Michelle Ernst is the only one brave enough to fight for real justice in Holmes case

Most importantly I want to state this is this blogs MOST VIEWED post, for some reason, probably because of the strangeness that was Allison Michelle Ernst (ernest).  I have reached a conclusion that this was one of MANY hoax acts committed on the public for reasons I will not get in to now because I'm not interested in the politics of this case anymore.  It's all a shit-show, fake as could be and the entire James Holmes case was merely a act working against your civil rights.  I concluded after the many hours of videos, and various other reports I've seen that this case was a put-on.  Allison was nothing more than another actor who simply just made this weird case more weird.  Agree to disagree, HIS-Story agreed upon.

FMPU has a big interest in the Colorado shooting, but generally we've steered clear of re-posting much the junk floating around and swirling the bowl. The tragic event has a lot of people scratching their heads, I know I'm not alone as the people I've spoke with on this matter don't know about Allison Michelle Ernst. Maybe they should, and soon they will. First read this excerpt from the wonderful post by Doug Hagmann. This may be the absolute BEST coverage of the Holmes shooting to date, IMO. AMAZING detail, and reporting on what anyone else in big print will run. Kudos, Doug. I hope they let you keep your job.
At 12:43 a.m. (0043), a police officer notifies dispatch that they have the back (east side) of the theater “covered.” At 12:44 a.m. (0044), a police officer notified dispatch as follows: “I need a marked car behind the theater Sable side I’ve got a suspect in a gas mask.” Based on additional research and information obtained from one law enforcement source at the scene, the suspect referenced was James Eagan Holmes, who was at his car and offered no resistance to police. At 12:45 a.m. (0045), another officer at the scene asks “Is that ‘dude’ in the white car nearby?” At 1246 (0046), only seconds after the question was posed, an officer asks for clarification: “that white car in the lot, is that a suspect? In response, the officer with the suspect at the rear of the theater responds: “yes, we’ve got rifles, gas masks. He’s detained right now and I’ve got open doors to the theater.” Radio chatter between officers and between officers to dispatch over the next 90 seconds notes the positions of shooting victims in theater 9. At 12:49 a.m. (0049), an officer states that “one of the shooters might be wearing a white and blue plaid shirt.” Note that this suggests that there might be more than one assailant or perpetrator. At the same time, an officer states “I’ve got a child victim and need a car at the back of theater 9.” At 12:51 (0051), An officer reports “that [the] suspect [is] saying he’s the only one but I’m getting conflicting descriptions from the witnesses here.” Radio traffic continues At 0103, an officer notifies other officers and dispatch that “one of the construction workers said somebody just came booking out of the parking lot, male, red backpack is all, was headed towards Alameda.” Another radio transmission by an officer on-site that immediately follows notes that “we have an report of a male dressed in all black with a black backpack on Blue Southeast.” Although the suspect caught at the rear of the theater has been in police custody for at least 15 minutes if not longer, the report continues: “Ok, suspect is gonna be male of unknown race, black camo outfit, possibly wearing a vest, gas mask, and has multiple long guns.” At 0110, another report goes out: “suspect in all black, black tactical mask, black tactical helmet, gas mask, at least one hand gun, possible shot gun, possible long gun.” It is important to note that the description of the attire worn by the suspect(s) at large was broadcast after John Eagan Holmes, was detained. If he was detained while wearing the gear and carrying the guns, why would they be looking for others in that exact attire?


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SIRIUS project's Arm Kaleka's father shot in WI shooting

The shooting at the Sikh Temple yesterday in Wisconsin is yet another American nightmare come true. This is a trailer to Kaleka's Kickstarter funded project (they raised $50 grand!) called Sirius, a disclosure video that looks pretty damn good. We do hope there is healing in Wisconsin, and the rest of America. In an update from Dr. Steven Green, Arm Kaleka's father is confirmed dead of gunshot wounds.


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August 4th UFO over Anaheim

My sister knows witnesses of this object (not the kids in the video, they are adults who didn't capture this on film) and I am going to see if I can get further explanations. Comment if you saw this!


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The Devil's Breath

Ok, so let's just throw this one out there. If anyone ever asks me for my wallet and I give it up, that means I was poisoned by this nasty drug. Call for help! Save FMPU!