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Edgar Mitchell Pussies Out, Gives NASA Camera Back

Edgar Mitchell, possibly the most outspoken of the NASA moon landing astronauts was originally set on selling a camera that was given to him as a token of appreciation for his dedicated service to the government.  The data acquisition camera was up for auction at the asking rate of $60-80 grand.  Unfortunately, Mitchell's handy Apollo 14 tool was ripped back by NASA, who claimed the equipment was still, technically, their property.  Initially, Mitchell was fighting the good fight to be able to maintain custody of the item, but eventually succumbed to the legal pressure and settled.

Mitchell likes to talk to the media about aliens, UFOs, etc. in his life since the 1971 landing.

NASA wins again.  Dammit.


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Emporer X (America's 1st "hit" Tumblr band) - Bashling

So in Los Angeles and everywhere there exists something known as the hipster. They are smart and they are difficult to pin down to a wall but for an interesting reason. They have a raw type of ambition that is beyond any DSM diagnosis, or is it? They can only keep em happy for so long until they blow the lid off some of the lucky few who see them when they are broke.

From their damn website:
Songwriter and noise pop saboteur Emperor X traded his pursuit of a master's degree in physics for the life of an underground minstrel. For the past 10 years, C.R. Matheny has been traveling the country playing all ages shows and punk houses while self-releasing a string of albums that have quietly built him a devoted cult following. The Riverfront Times calls him a "heartfelt, imaginative song canon." Prefix Mag says, "Emperor X seems to be pioneering a musical style that combines the most effective elements of lo-fi recording, analog electronics and formula rock . . . the songs are fantastic." Emperor X's ambitious geo-caching art project The Blythe Archives garnered spontaneous acclaim across the Internet when he released GPS coordinates that sent fans around the world in search of one of a kind recordings buried under the ground.


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Is Work a Prison Sentence?

Here is the argument started by a poster on Above Top Secret (doctornamtab):

Yeah we need jobs. As much as we need a prison sentence. I hate jobs. Not just my job - its actually pretty sweet. But the effect of the job itself is what makes jobs such an awful nuisance to modern man. 
So here's where we find ourselves in this Great Repression or whatever the media is calling it. People are out of work. But the jobs they're applying for are precisely the problem. People talk about the housing bubble. What we have is an employment bubble. Its popped. We have no more room for useless jobs. But we have people who need that job in order to secure food and shelter. So what, precisely, is the problem? That we have people out of work or that these people need work to get food and shelter? 
Is unemployment even a problem if work wasnt intimately tied to food and shelter? Can we change the world for EVERY single worker in the world if we break the bond between work and food, between slaves and masters? 
Why am I upset at jobs? Because we don't need them anymore. If we think of how jobs came to be we realize that the work of our very survival needed to be distributed because, lets face it, life was hard when a horse and plow are your greatest technological innovations. If we all shared the work of survival it'd make a better life for everyone. Makes sense. I dig it. But now less than 1% of the US population grows food for the other 99% PLUS many other countries. I"d say the days of horse and plow are over. 
All recently created jobs are fulfilling artificial needs. The fastest growing industry in the past decade was the financial industry. Completely false and outside our realm of human needs. All jobs created since the 80s are like smoke. They're here for a little while, hanging in the air, but soon they dissipate. They're not sustainable because they're based on artificial, socially created "needs" like an HDTV, 401K, computers or fashionable clothing. The employment bubble burst long, long ago. We've created an entire economy on articifially created needs and ghost jobs, military spending and financial mathematic acrobatics. Now we're wondering why we're unemployed, hungry and angry? 
We're in this situation, not because of lack of jobs, but because there are TOO many jobs. We're OVER employed. We have more jobs than we have needs. The illusion prevailed until oil prices and a weakening dollar cause us to reevaluate our purchases. Maybe we didnt need a new truck this year. Maybe we dont need to go to Disneyland. And now the economy is scaling back because the poor dont have enough money to maintain the illusion. 
We're in this problem because we never really faced the problem: that our jobs simply provide us with money to buy food and shelter. At the end of the day, thats all that matters. Our survival, which is wrongly tied up with our jobs. 
So for a long time we've been creating jobs that are basically useless to us, survival wise. We're creating people with useless skill sets. I proofread financial statements - useless, utterly useless outside the rules of my particular society (America, 2011). The idea that jobs have some important social function is simply NOT a reality for most people. And the world only needs so many doctors, police and firefighters. So what are the rest of us to do in our useless, pointless jobs that merely exist to make some rich guy more money? How do we free ourselves? 
Well we could start by realizing that jobs turn our bodies into a debt that we must work to repay. Our hunger, our biological need for a warm place to sleep is used against us.. Our own bodies, our very own biological processes, are used as leverage to FORCE us to work. This is the truly sinister purpose of jobs. Slavery, dependece on the system. Its all about food. Ok lets start from the beginning. We used to work like this: 
work ---> food and shelter. This is commonly called slavery. Probably came about with the first farmer. Why farm it all himself when he can just pay other people a small amount of his crop, do nothing and still make it through the winter? 
Now we work like this: 
work ---> money ----> food and shelter. This is commonly called a job. We all know how these work. 
Now what has happened since the abolition of slavery? We've inserted a middle man (money) between us and our access to basic life necessities like food and shelter. So really, we just have slavery once removed. We're only ONE simple step from true slavery, the smallest step possible by the way. Not only that but our lives are even more controlled by the tyrrany of currency. By eradicating slavery we've actually made ourselves EASIER to control through work and jobs because if one controls the money one controls the labor power of the entire society. But we KNOW that. So why do we continue this charade? The illusion of choice. 
We also have the illusion of choice at our jobs. We think we're free because we get to pick our favorite flavor of slavery. But that doesnt change the fact that we all NEED jobs to live, to access basic life necessities. If you gave me three bowls of dog sh*t and told me I had to eat one to get food and shelter then yeah, I'm gonna eat the least sh*tty pile of sh*t. But that doesnt mean we're enjoying it or that we even had a choice. This is the sinister conspiracy to turn your hunger, your need for a warm home, into a debt that we MUST work to repay all the while convincing us that working at our sh*tty jobs was our choice. They want to make it seem like theres some greener pasture at some other company. They want us to believe the problem isnt with work in general but your workplace specifically. That its only YOU who dont like your job and YOU picked the wrong job. 
One last point and then I'm out. Prisoners. These people BREAK the law, are a danger to society, yet they get free food and shelter day in day out and dont work a single day. Now, if we can provide three meals a day, air conditioning and cable TV for PRISONERS, the murderers and rapists, why can't we provide it for all of us. We have plenty of food, remember 1% of the US farms for 99% of the rest. We have plenty of homes. Look down the street, how many are empty, for sale? How many people own TWO, THREE homes? We can provide food and shelter for all. Its there. We've simply been convinced we don't deserve it. 
Most people will read this and think I"m anti-labor or some sort of anarchist. Actually its quite the opposite. I"m so pro labor that I don't even think workers should be working. Shorter hours, benefits? Cmon, lets put our energy into something transfomative. If AFL-CIO is gonna fight a fight why not fight to reduce people's dependence on jobs instead of INCREASING people's dependence on jobs. Being pro-labor and fighting to get people "good jobs" and all that crap is like teaching a man to fish and giving him fish. Getting ONE person ONE job doesnt free ALL of society from jobs. It actually reinforces the exact system the AFL-CIO and pro-labor activists claim to fight. 
So over the next year when you hear campaign speech after campaign speech touting "JOB CREATION!!!" and "We're gonna put American back to work!" dont cheer like the mindless slave. Realize that to cheer on "job creation" is to cheer on our own slavery. We need a basic standard of living for all Americans regardless of their employability. Regardless of the useless skills they can offer a corrupt economy.
Follow this popular debate happening over at the ATT message board.  


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FMPU NEWS: Lee Harvey Oswalds Dame, rEvolution,

"Afraid for her own life after the JFK assassination, Judy dropped out of sight and lived a quiet life until her children were grown. Today, she continues to live in an undisclosed location overseas, but will make a rare North American public appearance to mark her former lover’s birthday and to continue her efforts to clear his name."
Ms. Baker will be at limited events in Toronto, Canada from Oct. 15 to 22, 2011, to schedule an interview:
US: Cheron Brylski, 504.897.6110, cbrylski(at)aol(dot)com
Canada/International: Kris Millegan, 541.744.0090, publicity(at)trineday(dot)net

And now a meaningful video that's gone viral...

Finally  a story from last week about a NASA spacecraft that has found an unusual three-planet system that consists of one super-Earth and two Neptune-size worlds orbiting a star similar to our sun, a new study reveals.  MORE HERE


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FMPU NEWS - Hollow Earth? Russia Avoiding UFO Attacks..

What's up UFO junkies?  Getting tired of all the global protests? Don't go down that easy, the world has a long way to go but in the meantime here's your daily fix.

More insight to the Hollow Earth Theory!  Yes, just when you felt a solid one building up from within, yet another video on a topic that refuses to die just pops up.  I have it on good information that at very least, the molten lava core that all the textbooks taught us about when we were in school is probably false.  To make the leap to thinking we are a hollow earth would be a major leap of faith, but nobody is stopping you!

What's up with PUTIN?  Says one website, the Russians are already prepared for an alien attack!  Yep, still not enough food to feed the Earth but we'll be ready to fight off them goddamn aliens!


Putin remains calm on the matter:  “The Gootans are no match for Russians.  I dare them to attack Russia. We will crush them.”

Sign up for intelligent life: Thousands petition Obama to reveal 'government secrets' about UFOs and extraterrestrials

More than 7,500 people have signed a petition asking the White House to 'formally acknowledge an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race and immediately release into the public domain all files from all agencies and military services relevant to this phenomenon.'

FINALLY, lets listen to more Clif High.  My last HIGH posting received mega hits, and as per usual, he's got the fantastic insider information. 


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One of my favorite bands and this is one of their best songs.  When will I see them live?


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The Meteors

I know you'll enjoy this one.

And while we're at it, I thought I'd share the new Jane's Addiction song, they kinda crept on me again too.  I'd like to know... too old?  I say no because Perry is a wise businessman with that Burning Man sensibility.  I'll get a towel to wipe that puke off my shoe.


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Cliff High and his Damn Webbot Project Update: All Are Psychic!

Anyone who gives Cliff High a listen usually gets le mind blowne.  Through proprietary algorithms, High delivers a oft-dark broadcast of events as they may happen based on the public consciousness.  Obviously you will want to visit the site for the details, or jump in one of them damn chat boards on ATS - whatever suits ya good.

Cliff gave this show a 2-hour rant loaded with useful information. 

Everything from the trends bucking the social and economic spectrum to the electric world  theory that continues to grow and much more gets the once or twice over.