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Keep KXLU ALive - Donate!

Well, if you don't live in L.A. you wouldn't know any better, so if you wanna give em a try, it comes highly recommended.  Tonight, and EVERY Friday late late  (Saturday early early) is Music For Nimrods at 3a.m.  (See!  Confusing if I say Saturday, but definitely NOT Friday night! DAMMMNNN YOOOOUUU REV DAN - fists in the air!) LIVE ON KXLU 88.9FM LOS ANGELES

Everyone from 15 to 85 years of age SHOULD be donating to L.A.'s ONLY source of free radio broadcasting.  They've launched many name brands, but their really cool claim to fame is that they are HATERS of KCRW. 

Even those Burning Man "burners" would learn a lesson or two but this is only speculation as I've never attended a single Burning Man event.  My evidence comes in the form of living amongst those LA hipsters (I saw thousands gathered at an event in Venice Beach last week...) and other low-forms.   Fucking believe it when I tell you FMPU is no stranger to these folk!  KXLU is FMPU approved and one of the few radio programming outlets deserving of that tag.

Why do I Care?  Oh man, you shouldn't ask those questions.


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Barry Goes to Denver and I'm Not Very Worried

So where I live in LA, I can usually take a walk over to see AF1 when our president comes to town.  This time was a little different as the plane was tucked neatly away, out of sight from us commoners.  It's probably a smart thing to do, there's a lot of nuts running around this town but not more here than in Arizona.

People read on the interwebs the konspiracy cites that mention the Prezi's visit to Denver a little too much, or is it too much?  Deep down it bothers me that they are conducting some weird operations in the streets of some of the fine towns within Colorado, but the way this is going down is just plain nuts.

What's really troubling is the shit falling out of the sky.  Folks don't think it's a satellite.  For example, we're referring to Argentina, of course.  Where something that fell from the sky has killed someone, and injured some 8 others.

I think what is troubling is that there is little doubt one of our government agencies, if not many, must have had this thing pinpointed to some degree.  Just not buying it.  I'd tell you more but I'm tired.


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Did NASA's Satellite Smash Argentina Yesterday?

Or was it a "gas explosion?"  You decide.

Translation from Argentinian news report about an explosion that took a life yesterday.  
 Of note:  None of the videos FMPU has read since this incident include ANY audio (much less in foreign languages...)
Residents say they saw a fireball in the sky before the explosion and a strange powder smell. In another report I was looking at the locals say there was no fire, only an explosive force, which is rather odd.
The fact occurred minutes before 2 o'clock in the morning, in a building located on the intersection of Luis Vernet and Los Andes, a town of Monte Grande, Esteban Echeverría partido.
The causes of the explosion are still unknown, but the residents of the place that witnessed the fact claim "a ball of fire fell from the sky". 
"Began to feel much smell as if it were to powder", he recalled one of the people living in the area in statements.
"There is no explanation for what happened," said Cayetano, a neighbor of the place, in statements to Radio 10, then add that "a neighbor ran because he saw a blue fireball falling".
The Commander of the local fire brigade headquarters, Guillermo Pérez, remarked that the causes of the incident are still not known, but acknowledged that the first version aims at an "object that fell from the sky".
"I heard that version, but I cannot claim her in the first instance." "We must address the expertise to actually see what happened," said in statements to Radio 10.
Perez confirmed that two houses and a trade "were completely shattered".
By the fact, one older woman who had been trapped under the rubble lost his life while six others managed to be rescued and were transferred to her attention to a local hospital, informed C5N firemen working in the place.
The victim is one of the people who lived in the building where the explosion was generated. With regard to the injured, three belong to that House and three others to the House lined, affected by the outbreak. All the injured are out of danger, said C5N.
According to the story of neighbors, the outbreak was felt even in localities adjoining as Ezeiza and Temperley, South of greater Buenos Aires.


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New Order hits FMPU

Just one more video for tonight to make sure you all know we here at FMPU still love you...  and while there may be things bursting out of the upper atmosphere and crashing down hard on our sands and in our hills and all over those big watery oceans  - we're so here, and making it an enjoyable ride during the process.

This is 11 minutes of just wow.

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DJ Shadow Gives YOU a 1st Listen

Never mentioned him on my blog that is half about the sonic enjoyment in my life and the UFO, science, and conspiracy tales that are of some interest to me.  But DJ Shadow is worthy of not having us try to peg him down as this or that - he's got skill and there is a lot of butter spread over his slice of musical bread to make you feel good while getting thrown in a hot toaster.

CLICK ON THIS LINK to hear his new album, in it's entirety.  Not sure how long this link will last, but have a go, K? 


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How come Elenin didn't break apart during prior passes through our galaxy?

It's already September 20th!  There are SOO many weird things happening this month, and most of it has happened since we've been following this comet Elenin. 

Personally, I've never believed Elenin to be more than a comet making it's way by Earth.   However, look at all those other weird things going on during September:

Reported Solar Flares - Don't forget there was an "unexplained" grid failure in Southern California this month (eventually blamed on butterflies!) right at the peak times of those reported SFs.

Russia and the whole ISS situation... (evacuation? wow)  The whole thing is odd and, well, it's very sudden and we get a rare glimpse of NASA in a state of nervousness. 

There was a crazy sighting over 3 states - a large, slowly moving orange/green meteorite thing that was even seen really clear here in L.A. -

Now we are told there is break aparts, date changes, its gone, no wait, its coming...

Then the Russian satellite is falling, don't forget about that.  Theoretically expected to break apart into 26 pieces...

And falling in to Earth, rather unannounced, on the 26th (later revised to a little soon, maybe the 23rd...)!

Oh then that little nugget of info in the news... Obama is going to be at the Denver Airport  in late September, too....  there happens to be a deep underground bunker at that location.


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NASA and a tactile dysfunction

Don't know what to believe about comet Elenin anymore? It's confusing, it's most likely nothing, so I'll just say it is both majestic and annoying.

Houston... do we have a problem? The conversation is getting interesting. Lotsa dumbass hillbillies, stoners, pseudo-philosophers, junior astronomers, LULz clansmen and AnonMinusSymbiological poseur-ifics having a go.

Seems weird that it would be "slowing up" as some folks have said, or even "breaking apart" as it's noted in the MSM.

Also, the more you go looking for this sort of unearthly, high interesting story, there's going to be mystery added because we basically no nothing about it. Don't hide in the sand, I'm off to San Diego for the day so enjoy yourselves.


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Archers of Loaf

Man, if you knew of this band, you were one of a few. They had slipped my mind until today, I may have only listened to them once or twice before. I find it amazing that so much of our present is only learned by getting a grip of the past and this helped me remember. Archers of Loaf... long time, no hear.