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Magic Leak? JFK Demanded UFO Information in 1963

This all seems quite Dark Mission-like, no? When you think about it, 1963 was not that long ago.  Now that I have a little more perspective (on life, in general), it wasn't that long ago at all.  My dad told me of his fascination with the paranormal that began in the 1950s and around the time of JFK's assassination, he was in his mid-20s and remembers some rumors about a JFK/UFO connection. 
These days I find it interesting that a lot of folks who are pretty current with their politics, media and newsworthy activities to go along with their fantastic sense of history have been warning us commoners of a potential false-flag event.  So we weigh these things out and try to produce a valid conclusion.
The news about newly released memos with information JFK made demands to see UFO files just 10 days prior to his death can either be perfect evidence of our knowledge of UFOs, or worse, act as a perfect part of the facilitation method in creating the most believable alien attack ever.
Yeah, it's always such a difficult task to keep a level head about such news.  Right?  On the one hand we must consider all of the things JFK was in to, politically, at the time even before we sit down to the analyze the documents to figure out if they are real or forged.  That is first and foremost.  From there, one might be able to take it a million different directions.  What else still exists?  Why now?  JFK?  Some of the motives don't seem right, but then again, we've advanced, culturally, nearly 50 years on.   Even that is a question mark.  Everyone wanted a piece of the speed-freak JFK, so this could just be another event that took place during a very crowded time-line that lead to his fateful joyride in Arlington.  Cultural affairs, the space mission, money and banking, Marilyn and his much fabled sexual romps. 
We think on these things...