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FMPU Selects Mars Uncensored Best Facebook Page!

FMPU loves this page.  If you dare have a FB account, Mars Uncensored is not only highly recommended, but it is a MUST ADD!

NASA was established as a civilian space programme by the National Aeronautics and Space Act on July 29, 1958, replacing its predecessor, the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA). The agency became operational on October 1, 1958 with the agency charged with exploring space "ON BEHALF OF HUMANKIND AND INFORMING ALL HUMANITY OF ITS DISCOVERIES," it is now however engaged in a cover-up of the fact that life exists all across the universe and rather closer to home on Mars. When it comes to Mars, how NASA distort the true nature of earth's sister planet is by periodically releasing news of small, incremental discoveries that it is making on Mars, such as the existence of ice or methane, while concealing the fact (utilizing various forms of image tampering) that evidence of life exists all over Mars and is to be found in the thousands of photographs taken by both Spirit and Opportunity rovers.
The question on everyone lips is why on Earth would they do this? Here's why:
The CIA Robertson panel of 1952/ 53 set a decree for all US intelligence agencies, including what would eventually become NASA, to ‘debunk’ the existence of extra terrestrial life. This was following the WAR OF THE WORLDS radio broadcast controversy and the intense UFO flap over the US in the late 1940s. Following that came a NACA/ NASA-sponsored study, carried out in the late 1950s, by the Brookings Institution, to identify the long-range goals of the United States space program and their impact on American society. The report, submitted to NASA in 1960 stated:

"Anthropological files contain many examples of societies, sure of their place in the universe, which have disintegrated when they had to associate with previously unfamiliar societies espousing different ideas and different life ways; others that survived such an experience usually did so by paying the price of changes in values and attitudes and behavior."

"Since intelligent life might be discovered at any time via the radio telescope research presently under way, and since the consequences of such a discovery are presently unpredictable because of our limited knowledge of behavior under even an approximation of such dramatic circumstances, two research areas can be recommended:"

1. Continuing studies to determine emotional and intellectual understanding and attitudes – and successive alterations of them if any – regarding the possibility and consequences of discovering intelligent extraterrestrial life.
2. Historical and empirical studies of the behavior of peoples and their leaders when confronted with dramatic and unfamiliar events or social pressures ...

The studies, the report recommended, should take account of public reactions and also consider how best to inform the public of contact with an extraterrestrial intelligence, or whether such knowledge should be withheld. International relations, the report concluded, might be permanently altered because of "a greater unity of men on earth, based on the 'oneness' of man or on the age-old assumption that any stranger is threatening." The report also concluded that If there are space-faring, star-to-star communicating races in the Galaxy, then we must be technologically primitive in comparison with the great majority of them. A major concern then was what might follow from first contact with creatures who, whatever their nature, possess knowledge and power far in excess of our own. Examples from human history do offer a cautionary note: exploration has gone hand in hand with exploitation, colonization with conflict and subjugation. In almost every case, the more technologically advanced interloper, intentionally or otherwise, has eventually imposed its ways and assimilated or emasculated the weaker party. Even if this were not to happen, it was deemed back then uncertain how the human race would react to the discovery that it was, in cosmic terms, so backward. An optimist of course might argue that we would relish the prospect of rapid growth and would quickly learn from our older, wiser mentors, as children do from adults. A pessimist though might insist we would be crushed to learn that, despite all our efforts, others had vastly surpassed us. Concerns at the time were expressed by several prominent scientists, including Nobel laureates Martin Ryle and George Wald. Others, such as Carl Sagan, William Newman, and Arthur C. Clarke defended the view that mature civilizations in the Galaxy would recognize the risks of first contact to younger races and would avoid revealing too much about themselves or their knowledge until the time was right.

So there you have it, NASA is trapped within long irrelevant CIA protocols, with the agency showing you life on Mars one minute then denying it completely in the same breath, all because a bunch of stuffy, fearful old men from 60 years ago thought we might all lose our minds if aliens came a knocking.

I’m sure the world’s populations are far more sensible than that and would handle the existence of an off planet intelligence without any social upheaval.
After all, the Martian humanoid civilsation are hardly aliens are they? Isn't it about time we were finally told the truth, not only about Mars but about our place in the universe?
I for one certainly hope that this historic moment comes soon.

The following text is from Bob Dean speaking at the Project Camelot LA Awake and Aware Conference in
19 September 2009 talking about the reason why we are no closer to any kind of disclosure, either off planet contact or Mars:

They don’t know how to lift the lid on this subject. They don’t know how to lift the lid on Pandora’s Box, because when they lift the lid just a little tiny bit – boom – the whole damn thing is going to come out, and nobody in government is prepared for that, because the story is so damn big.

I know that many of you – probably most of you – are aware of the famous Brookings Report. NASA gave a contract to the Brookings Institute in the late ’50s, and the basic point was simply this: Try to find out – What should we do if we, in the future, should encounter advanced extraterrestrial intelligence?

They worked on this thing for three years, published it in ’61, delivered it to Congress in ’61, and they concluded as a result of this study that, if we should, indeed at some point, run into advanced extraterrestrial intelligence, it would probably be a good idea to keep your mouths shut and not tell the masses of people.

Now, Margaret Mead was on the committee, and she’d had experiences in the South Pacific with primitive societies where they had been confronted by our advanced culture, and those primitive societies shriveled and died. The conclusion of the Brookings study was that, if we, indeed, would encounter advanced extraterrestrial intelligence, we probably shouldn’t tell the masses of people because sociologically, theologically, scientifically, it would be a damn disaster.

So, they published that study and it literally became national policy. It’s one of the major reasons why the lid has been kept down so tightly on this thing for so long.

As I said, it’s not simply that we’re being visited by guys from other planets. It isn’t simply that we’re being visited by guys from other star systems, nor are we being visited, you know, from other galaxies. Good God! Those are all given.

They also learned – and they knew that when I retired in ’76 – that we’re being visited by guys from other dimensions. They’re coming through portals, apparently. They create portals, apparently, and they’re coming and going from other dimensions. The more advanced societies we have encountered have been multidimensional.’

Paul Goodwin MARS UNCENSORED feb 1st 2010


Anonymous said...

You do realize that Mars' atmo is 95% Carbon Dioxide, right?

Quite an imagination. Sure, we're probably not alone in this universe and I would bet on it.. but your Mars Uncensored data is inconclusive and is not supported by any concurring scientists or any scientific community, unless of course you forgot to include that.

You only have this personal theory from sketchy jpegs. Writing us that the Government is this or that doesn't prove there are miniature martians in cloaks on mars with weapons systems and hidden ships in the rocks.

Perhaps you could share any further evidence to support your wild claims?

- Dale Charles

(the guy whom you deleted from your Mars Uncensored FB page, which as far as I can tell, is now deleted as well)

jsm said...

Oh leave Mars Uncensored alone man! Let it die or live free of ridicule. the MU guy is an interesting lad, and I enjoy looking at his versions of the pictures.
I don't know where you get off saying everything he says is total bullshit, some of the photo editing there is really intriguing. I haven't been back to the site in a while - but I'll see if he's still doing his thing. Have an open mind, you're so certain of your assertions ("Mars atmosphere IS 95% carbon dioxide") they mean less then his! Maybe if you stopped walking around the internet trying to bully folks you'd have a more effective approach, but that won't happen I bet....

Mars Uncensored said...

Dear Dale Charles.

We only have the data provided by the american space agency NASA for the claim about the Martian atmosphere, an agency that has been less than truthful about much of the wonders that lay outside our atmophere, i will take the high road as always when it comes to individuals like yourself, i have no wish to be drawn into any arguments, especially one's i did not start. Please feel free to take these pictures to any scientist you want, in the meantime i will continue to upload the life that exists on Mars, warmest regards, Paul Mars Uncensored, january 2011.

Vista said...

It is no surprise that some people feel that while NASA´s employees love science , NASA´s admins hate it.

Anonymous said...

The Brooking report did not say information about ufos should be witheld, it said studies are needed to determine if information should be withheld.


The Robertson Panel report was possibly misleading in that it denied there were unexplained ufos. But I think whether or not it set policy to debunk all ufo reports is open to legitimate differences of opinion - its recommendations were focused on whether or not ufos were a threat.

Wikipedia article Robertson Panel:


4. In order most effectively to strengthen the national facilities for the timely recognition and the appropriate handling of true indications of hostile action, and to minimize the concomitant dangers alluded to above, the Panel recommends:
a. That the national security agencies take immediate steps to strip the Unidentified Flying Objects of the special status they have been given and the aura of mystery they have unfortunately acquired;
b. That the national security agencies institute policies on intelligence, training, and public education designed to prepare the material defenses and the morale of the country to recognize most promptly and to react most effectively to true indications of hostile intent or action.

jsm said...

Thanks for keeping this thread alive. Wow, I never even realized that Paul, MU, visited to represent himself - wow, two years ago. My bad.. Anyway, I look at these pictures with interest, and I certainly miss those MU Facebook updates... But overall, I think the planet got a little rocked by that whole 2012 meme. Thanks as always for posting.