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Sorry you missed all the cool UFOs. Especially those sleek mid-century modern designs, killer! You now live in a reality where if you think 911 was well done, wait until the "Alien Invasion," slated to happen sometime next week in rural Indiana, touches down. It will shock the world! It will send shock-waves to the moon and back! I hope you are connecting with good resources when you do spend time on the internet so I promise that if you do choose to stop here, well I do most appreciate the time... From here on out it is Truth as best as I can present it and maybe you will be able to help me describe what the heck I am seeing. Symbolism is everywhere, but especially in old architecture and design. Also in books written before the modern edit (1930s or thereabout...), don't trust a damn thing, please. For if you do question, as I have, you might find that it kinda feels like starting over again only with a new set of eyes. It did not make me invincible and it most definitely did not help me "see things others cannot" as I hear so many try to get away with. Not so fast, buddy! Space is fake, man. Don't you know yet? If only one thing NASA wants us to believe is wrong there are most certainly many others, and trust me, there is a problem in Houston. A big one that they would like to solve by hiring a bunch of millennial kids but even they are coming up on truth. Money was a GOOD trick to enslave everyone but the biggest mystery of our time, free energy, frees us from material slavery. Are you going to demand freedom or will you sign on the dotted line? I know, wtf, this ain't easy.


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Bruce Sees All Changing How The Moon Is Seen

Our eyes need  help because we are limited by what we can see staring off into hard to see things, like the moon, so we can use filters and spend hours and hours and more of our precious time observing the behaviors of the moon.

Currents, and smoke and clouds and lights... and UFO... all REALLY exist on (or damn near close to) the moon.  It is all here for you and you don't even need an open mind, it's really right here ready for you to view.   While the search is just getting started, this is a massive leap in the right direction.

And I barely had to do a damn thing except go visit Bruce Sees All.  I expect the so-called authority of space (you know who.... it's a four letter "word") to downplay all of this, but you can't deny what your eyes are viewing anymore.  You just can't.  Maybe we are all just sea men after all (hint hint) - where moon is the womb, turning us out one at a time.  Please check out BSA, and I'll add another cool youtube content provider I have been digging real soon.  Peace...


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UFO Proof Positive On The Moon

There is not much doubt science must've been waiting for sites such as Bruce Sees All to capture the amazing footage before absolutely being forced to admit such a dramatic change to the science, and they say it without flinching -- the atmosphere that is up there... the atmosphere up there... Earth's atmosphere indeed extends beyond the moon (because the moon ain't over 200 thousand miles away, people!) and why this isn't a bigger story is a total mystery.  Every kid with a science book in their backpack should be given video's like the one I will attach here to watch and analyze.  If you don't realize how significant that change to science really is, if you shrug it off, if you don't care, if you ask "how does this affect my life?" -- it is time to ask the really hard questions OUT LOUD.  There are people all around you wondering the same way I am what else could be occulted from sight?

The moon is right in your face, and there are beings on it right now and all the time.   It has always been speculation, but now here is the proof.  Organizations such as The Disclosure Project are  a useless bunch (IMO), that's why they have the ridiculous talking heads like that idiot with the puffy arms and lame eye glasses (yeah, Greer, that weirdo) who yapped and yapped and yapped endlessly until they turned blue when ALL they had to do was put their money toward proper gear, shut their mouths, and stare at the moon. It leads me to the conclusion they aren't about doing real science via observation, they'd rather talk about all the weird stuff going on out there.  Imagine all that time they wasted, and guess what, I have a feeling they'll try to pay guys like Bruce (he would never, would he?) and again they will come up a buck short... Well done, Bruce Sees All!



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It Was Bound To Happen And Now Property Of Mars Can See

I should have addressed this before but as I slowed in my blogging output, I went over to do podcasts.  The podcasts I have been involved with have nothing to do with UFO, and I had to open my mind to new information I have no real background in, or interest for that matter.  The project was to keep my foot on new communication technology and since then I have had time to really open myself up to more research.  What I have found has made me think of this website differently.

I found everything I ever "learned" from NASA turned out to be bullshit.  Not some, but basically everything, from satellites, to the moon, to the sun to the rest of the planets and beyond.  I have done my research, without joining any groups, and now have come to question the validity of every school shooting that has occurred since the inception of this blog (in 2004) and more than likely any that happened prior to that were nothing more than hoax events.  Television, radio, movies and music turned out to not be my friends but quite the opposite.

But we remain fixed on magic pop and UFOs here, and if space doesn't exist as we have been taught it exists, that certainly changes how things are done.  UFOs are real, so I don't question my interest in their existence, however, that magic pop that's been served up has been encoded with information through symbolism and information by the numbers I have over time learned to interpret.

There were events that have happened that I have challenged on this site, going back to 2007 (Virginia Tech), I had really begun changing my tune, and by 2012 things were really beginning to change for me and how I wanted to discuss things.  Right now my dogs are barking and disrupting the flow, but I want you to know that I am not the only one.  SO many great writers, video shooters, musicians, talents of all sorts are waking up to the full spectrum attack on our senses set upon us by the people we just want to lead us.  Well they are not leading you the way you think, they are creating a lot of the problems the world faces and I am going to take things in a direction that looks more deeply into these concerns.


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Is Waking Up Really A Thing?

You have it all laid upon you.  Sandy Hook was ... not as we were told.  I was saying that back when James Holmes did that thing that was supposed to be that thing, you see.  And Cho made me wonder, you see, about what he was all about but for no good reason, the reality turned out to be just beyond my grip at the time.  Loughner really triggered me to go on a deep spiritual journey I haven't recovered from yet.  think about this, although what turned out to be real to me is completely unlike what we're told to be the real story, I do hold my head up and maintain a productive life and optimistic attitude.  And so on, and so forth, to present day when I don't even need to look at the latest shootings, or any news story for that matter.  Blogging didn't die, it was only claimed to have died so writers like me depending on this medium as a method of relaxation and relaying a unique POV, would simply give up.

I will never give up learning.  But I do feel I should have known Purple Reign would be reality.  This makes me happy, writing makes me feel great.  And now that the internet supposedly can predict what I will write next, water problems in Michigan, March Madness, Crrow777 shows... will I hit the gym or try something more risque?

It is time to recognize that your mind can be used two ways.  One way is to be able to be connected to its higher mind or it can be seduced and owned by the lower/animal mind.  Once a person has amassed not only the experience, knowledge, angle, and dropped what some may call an ego, but maybe more succinctly, they can unfurl and spin free from a lifetime of a particular training. 

What I'm finding out is in fact life shattering if you are not in the right situation to allow the walls to fall.  Heck, I'm fighting every day to try to figure out methods to make it work.

How deep are we going?  Don't you worry, UFOs are out there.  Black and green blobs even for folks with telescopes, and never a sharp HD shot we want.  Never the abductions or fancy space craft or other symbols that make the UFO world a sort of industry.

I feel that even that I have stepped on my own two feet at some points in my life, day to day life has not been that tremendously difficult for exception of when I try to point everyday programming that impacts all lower minded strangers and friends.


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Can UFO Theory Still Be Viable In Space Made of Water

What if all outer space consists of a water-like, or water-based substance?  That sure changes things, doesn't it?

Well, this website has been less optimistic than ever that we (planet Earth) has ever sent anyone or anything beyond our atmosphere.  Changed also is the perspective on UFOs as a whole and that has been the reason behind such a drag in passing along typical UFO information, which can openly be deemed bullshit for the most part.  Are there UFO?  ABSOLUTELY.  Do any of the "big" UFO websites have any credibility?  That's for you to say, but we don't buy it.

The Earth seems to be shielded from space - lets look at rockets, and how when they are lifted off, they never go straight up but hook around, like many of my golf shots, in a projection that is often defended as "physics."  I declare bullshit.  Fuck physics, it's distorted and intentionally confusing because rockets never do go to "space." 

If I'm proven wrong, a lot of reconsideration will be made and then I can buy into a claim, but until then I am straight forward in my declaration that modern science, much of which was taught to kids by DISNEY back in the day, is complete nonsense. 

No wonder it has caused me so many nights of frustration, with dead-end after dead-end.  Astro(NOTS) were chosen because they were the very best of the very best, but indeed they never did go to the moon.  Ask any Vietnam vet they will likely tell you a different story and call you every name in the book for suggesting otherwise, the programming goes very, very deep.

But let's stick with the main question here, is space just water?


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The Illusion Returns to Bowl Cuts and Psychedelics

Hilarious memory, reminds me of my second mushroom trip near the woodland hills country club... believe it or not when everything hit we looked up at a sign that screamed at all of us simultaneously BEWARE OF MOUNTAIN LIONS! at the same time the park ranger began yelling toward us through a hand held microphone amplified so it was echoing through the park that we were trespassing, and we run like completely high morons we were until we got to the sand pit and played there for about 10 seconds or years (but maybe a hour in so-called "real-time").

Here is the memory trigger video by The Illusion (watch his videos, he's online greatness):


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Avi Loeb Is Funded By You Guessed It The Russians

'The more I study this object, the more unusual it appears, making me wonder whether it might be an artificially made probe which was sent by an alien civilisation,' Professor Avi Loeb, the chair of Harvard's astronomy department and one of Milner's advisers on Breakthrough Listen, wrote in the email.