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Out there research and bizarre events marked Puharich's world as much as the connections he made.

Born 1918. Received medical degree from Northwestern University in 1947.
Reportedly a friend of Aldous Huxley.
1952 - had first contact with "the Nine", the highest minds in the universe, through a medium. (Gardner, Martin, Science: Good, Bad, and Bogus, Prometheus Books, 1981, pg 275)
Served in the Army in the early 1950's.
1952 - presented the paper "An Evaluation of the Possible Uses of Extrasensory Perception in Psychological Warfare" at a secret Pentagon meeting.
1953 - Lectured the Air Force on telepathy, and the staff of the Army Chemical Center on the "Biological Foundations of Extrasensory Perception". (McRae, Ronald, Mind Wars, St. Martin's Press, 1984, pg 79)
From 1948-58, was the director of research of the Round Table Foundation of Glen Cove, Maine.
Was Ira Einhorn's mentor in the paranormal. Ira claimed that Puharich "was doing LSD work for the CIA in 1954".
Set a medical lab to study psychic phenomena. Helped form the Intelectron Corporation, which sold his hearing aids. One of Puharich's hearing aids is called the "tooth radio", which is literally implanted inside of a person's tooth and is used by magicians in telepathy acts.
1968 - "I was doing research in connection with the Atomic Energy Commission." Met Einhorn. (Levy, Steven, The Unicorn's Secret, Prentice Hall Press, 1989, pg 128-30)
"Discovered" Uri Geller and brought him to America. Puharich, in his book Uri claims that Geller received his power from an alien force called the Hoovians. This lost him some credibility, and Geller began to distance himself from Puharich. (Levy 131-2)
According to Gardner's account, in Uri, Puharich hypnotizes Geller, and Geller reveals more of the Nine's plans. They have authority over the Hoovians, which are the Controllers of various planetary civilizations. A city-sized spaceship called Spectra hovers over the Earth and sends messages from the Hoovians light-years away to their super-computers to Geller, who is their emissary on earth. (Gardener, pg 276)
Mid-70s: ran a complex in Ossining called the Turkey Farm. In the summer of 1975, Puharich assembled around twenty children from the ages of nine to late teens, called "Gellerlings", or "Space Kids". Puharich trained their psychic abilities, and claimed that they received messages from aliens. One teen claimed that they practiced remote viewing, and some of their assignments included political targets like the Kremlin and the White House. (Levy, pg 165-7)
Puharich has claimed that the Space Kids are able to materialize objects like trees, and that six of them arrived at his ranch via teleportation. (Gardener, pg 287)
It was also during this time that Puharich did experiments on the effects of ELF radiation on the central nervous system.
Part of Einhorn's "psychic mafia". Presented a paper on the Space kids at the "Mind Over Matter" conference at Penn State University, late January, 1977, organized by Einhorn. Other attendees included Christopher Bird and Thomas Bearden. (Levy, pg 189)
Around 1978, Puharich's Turkey Farm burnt down as a result of arson, and Puharich disappeared. A suspect in the arson was a Space Kid who claimed that aliens were harassing him. Puharich implicated the CIA. (Levy, pg 218-20)
Claims to have been the target of four assassination attempts by the CIA. As of 1989, he lived in North Carolina. (Levy, pg 348)
Andrijah Puharich died in 1995. See Terry Milner's series "Ratting out Puharich" for a more complete account, and for details on Puharich's possible links to biological experiments. See too "Memories Of A Maverick"
Author of:
Sacred Mushroom Beyond Telepathy, Anchor, 1973 Uri "Psychic Research and the Healing Process", in Mitchell, Edgar, Psychic Exploration, G.P. Putnam's Sons, 1974 "Protocommunication", in Parapsychology Today: A Geographic View, 1973


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